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Ralph Northam’s racism manifested in his support for late-term abortions



Ralph Northams racism manifested in his support for late-term abortions

As images of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s yearbook reveal a history of racism, the motivations for his recent pushes for late-term abortion come more clearly into view.

Abortion and racism, particularly against African-Americans, have always been inherently tied together. Planned Parenthood is the crowning achievement of these type of racists, beginning with the racist beliefs of its founder and extending to its popularity among Democrats today.

In Virginia, African-Americans make up under 20% of the population but account for 45% of the abortions. Ralph Northam is not an anomaly. Politicians who promote abortion access and loosen restrictions are very often racist. Northam just didn’t cover his tracks as well as others.

That’s not to say all who support abortion rights are racist. Many have what they believe to be righteous reasons to support the killing of preborn babies. But a byproduct of a practice that is so heavily catered to African-Americans is that even those who are not racist must willfully ignore the facts in order to avoid the conclusion that racism has always and will always play a part in abortion’s history.

With all of that said, it’s still unfortunate that someone should be demonized based on their actions as young adults. I’m not suggesting people should not be held accountable for their actions, even from three decades before, but as far as I know the only hints of racism beyond his school years was manifested in his support for abortion. I am unaware of other bigoted actions the Governor has taken in the last three decades.

Here are some hot takes I appreciate:

That last point by Boorman is worth noting.

It says a lot that Ralph Northam may fall to his actions as a young adult and not based on his desire to allow for the killing of preborn babies moments before birth. Outrage from the left is so dramatically misplaced.


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