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Unplanned: The Abby Johnson movie could be Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmare



There was a time not too long ago when faith-based movies made me cringe. The messages were usually good, but production quality was almost always lacking. The industry has grown and quality has improved dramatically in recent years, and this couldn’t have happened at a batter time.

The next big release is Unplanned, the true story of former Planned Parenthood employee Abby Johnson who had a major change of heart when she witnessed an abortion through ultrasound. From there, she made “an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet,” as the trailer above notes. Now a pro-life advocate, her story will have the type of information many on NOQ Report have said is exactly what we need in order to win the abortion battle. While so many focus solely on the political battle, it’s the cultural battle for hearts and minds that will prove to be the way we reduce abortions across the country.

With nationwide distribution to 800 screens by Pure Flix, the movie is poised to cause a stir in the abortion debate when it opens March 29. Star Ashley Bratcher, who plays Johnson, recently revealed when her mother was pregnant at 19, she changed her mind about aborting Ashley the day she was scheduled to have the procedure.

Here’s an interview of Johnson and Bratcher:

Planned Parenthood and the abortion activists that support them have been engaged in information warfare for decades. They were widely viewed as a women’s health organization until they hit the unwelcome spotlight in 2015 when a series of undercover videos exposed their practices of selling preborn baby body parts for profit. This prompted widespread protests and had many conservative politicians and activists calling to #DefundPP on social media.

Unfortunately, that still hasn’t happened. Planned Parenthood remains fully funded and their fundraising operation is humming.

This is why stories like Unplanned are so important. Pro-life activists cannot continue to pursue legal and political victories alone while ignoring the most important part of the equation – the cultural significance. The pro-life movement has both facts and feelings on its side, yet the “reproductive rights” component of the pro-abortion movement continues to spread their message more loudly than the opposition.

The more people learn the realities of preborn babies, abortion procedures, and Planned Parenthood itself, the easier it will be to spread the pro-life message. Abby Johnson and Unplanned are important parts of this battle. They need our support.


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