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Super Bowl LIII: Everything you need to know about Mercedes-Benz Stadium



Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, which means party planning, betting, and travel plans for the lucky souls who get to travel to Atlanta to see it in person. When they get there, they’ll be met by one of the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing stadiums in the world.

It better be pleasing, considering it cost nearly $2 billion, including $700 million in taxpayer dollars. That’s a whole other story to discuss later, but for now, we’ll keep it positive.

The stadium has one of the most innovative retractable roofs in the world. It mimics a camera aperture with eight steel “petals” that each weigh 500 tons. It only takes 8 minutes to go from fully open to fully closed. Weather will determine which position it will be in for the big game.

The 360 degree central display, a “halo board” design, allows everyone in the stadium to see replays, messages, and advertising. This was by design, allowing the stadium to be free of billboards and other visually cluttering spaces for sponsors.

WiFi and cell coverage flows throughout the stadium, allowing visitors to stay connected no matter where they are. This aligns with one of the other goals in the stadium’s design – complete access. Regardless of ticket, fans are allowed to walk anywhere in the stadium, top to bottom. There are private areas, of course, but it makes for a healthy walk to make it all the way around the vast public areas.

The video above by Jared Owens breaks down the whole stadium using wonderful computer graphics.

Despite the crazy ticket prices that start at $2500, the stadium itself isn’t changing standard prices for the game. A hot dog is still a hot dog and clocks in at a reasonable $2.


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