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The real concern about Ilhan Omar’s deleted Tweet



The real concern about Ilhan Omars deleted Tweet

In less time than it took to win her seat, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has elevated herself to be one of the most talked-about members of Congress. Her fame has very little to do with actions and a lot to do with how mainstream media treats her. But her real claim to fame is flaming fires all over Twitter.

That seems to be popular for some Democrats lately.

Omar has come under fire for attacking Israel, calling one of our best allies “evil.” She took heat for insinuating Senator Lindsey Graham had been compromised by Russia. Now, she may have finally gone too far with a Tweet last night that was later deleted.

Here’s a screenshot of the vile post:

Ilhan Omar Tweet

Keep in mind, this was Tweeted over a day after her first two bullet points were debunked. The last bullet point, which is probably factual though framed with her bias inserted, is irrelevant.  There’s aren’t a whole lot of teenagers who don’t need help preparing for their first interview on national television after being lied about, doxxed, faced unjustified expulsion from school, and had their lives threatened.

But that’s what happens, at least in today’s world. We’ve become so filled with pure hatred – left hating right, right hating left – that we take turns being more wrong on the issues. Most readers will point to the left being more hate-filled in their vitriol and I would certainly agree. But for argument’s sake, the left would say the same thing about us. It’s a standoff, and a pointless one at that. Whoever has more unhinged hatred towards the other side is irrelevant. What IS relevant is when that hatred comes from DC in the form of our representatives being the instigators.

In this case, Omar was clearly the instigator by promoting things she knew were 100% false but that fit her personal narrative too nicely to ignore. Facts are for fools to the radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

All of this brings us to the point. There’s a real problem with her Tweet:

When lies are endorsed as truth by the masses, there’s no longer an incentive for the nefarious-at-heart to tell the truth. This empowers them to create their narratives and agendas around fantasy. That, friends, is more dangerous than the initial lies themselves.

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