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Liz Wheeler: 3 times MSM pushed a leftist narrative instead of the truth this week



Mainstream media is on a losing streak. The harder they try to taint Christians and/or conservatives in the eyes of the watching masses, the more mistakes they make in the process. They were trying extra hard over the last week as three major stories demonstrated their clear bias towards progressive narratives regardless of the truth.

One America Network’s Liz Wheeler address these issues at the end of last night’s episode of Tipping Point:

“This is the left. This is the mainstream media. They don’t care about the truth. Their only goal is to push the radical leftist ideology at any cost. And if that means lying to you to paint a false narrative they think substantiates the radical leftist agenda, they do it.”

First, the Buzzfeed debacle was debunked by the source of the article itself, Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, but mainstream media continues to press these lies onto the people.

Then, they went after Karen Pence for going to work at a Christian school that actually believes in Christian values.

Finally, they created a narrative of bigotry and racism by the Covington Catholic “MAGA boys” that turned out to be the exact opposite of reality.

This, more than anything else, is why America needs independent conservative news outlets like OANN and NOQ Report. The left is never going to play fair or promote the truth. Therefore, we must continue to call them out on their lies.

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