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Bill Barr on immigration: Open the front door, but don’t let them crash through the back door



Attorney General nominee did very well during the opening of his confirmation hearing. He came across as trustworthy and while acknowledging the political component of his role, he also noted that he would no be bullied by media, Congress, or the President when it came to performing the more crucial role of the position: upholding the law.

On illegal immigration, he gave a balanced statement about the need for proper legal immigration while wanting to make sure people don’t “flout our legal system” through legal loopholes and insecure borders.

“As a nation, we have the most liberal and expansive immigration laws in the world. Legal immigration has historically been a huge benefit to this country. However, as we open our front door and try to admit people in an orderly way, we cannot allow others to flout our legal system by crashing in through the back doors,” he said.

My Take

So far, so good. It was difficult watching the responses from CNN analysts who instantly hated the guy before he even spoke based solely on their disgust for the man who nominated him. Despite the media’s unhinged reactions to him, I can’t see him getting derailed.

Barr understands what it takes to secure the borders, but perhaps more importantly he’s an expert on fixing the system from within. The loopholes that entice migrants to come here in the first place can be fixed if Barr is is given the reins at the DOJ.

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