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Can Marsha Blackburn finally do what Republicans have been promising for three years?



Can Marsha Blackburn finally do what Republicans have been promising for three years

Defunding Planned Parenthood‘s abortion business has been a top priority for conservatives ever since undercover videos were released of them and their cronies selling body parts from aborted fetuses. But very little progress has been made on Capitol Hill to accomplish this goal despite having control over the House, Senate, and White House for two years.

Now, a freshman Senator is taking a shot at getting it done. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced her first bill, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act. It will strip federal funding of all on-demand abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

My Take

I admire what Blackburn is trying to do, but it’s still so disappointing that this was a campaign priority for years without being a real priority for Republicans. They barely even attempted to get it done when they had the chance. Now, they face the uphill battle of getting it done with Democrats in charge of the House.

In other words, it’s more symbolic than anything else. Chances of its House counterpart even receiving a vote are slim and likely would only happen to get future candidates on record for, you guessed it, campaign purposes.

Even those who are not adamantly opposed to abortion on-demand should realize the hypocrisy of receiving government funding for their services. Lest we forget, Planned Parenthood is a Democratic donor juggernaut, which means tax dollars are used to subsidize their business while profits are used to get more Democrats elected. It’s a joke.

Stopping abortion will require a long legislative and judicial battle, but at least we can stop giving taxpayer dollars to those who empower the murder of preborn babies. Marsha Blackburn is doing what she promised. If more politicians were like her, we could get somewhere.