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9 weeks in, yellow vest protests continue despite draconian measures



France is in serious trouble. It isn’t the protesters that are the problem, as many news outlets have reported. France is in trouble over the reason there are yellow vest protests in the first place: high taxes and progressive government policies.

Chants continue on the streets for President Emmanuel Macron to resign. Meanwhile, police are using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the huge protests.

A translated quote from one of the protesters captures the core sentiment of the group:

“These people in the government don’t want to let go of anything. They think of their own advantage. They have no reason to let go. They don’t know better. And that’s the same for us. We have no reason to stop. We don’t know anything else but misery, so we’re best enemies.”

The need for law and order often runs in stark opposition to protests. We’ve seen in America there’s a fine line between keeping the peace and allowing peaceful protests to engage with the government and press. But in France, it seems law and order is willing to go to extreme means in order to stop the protesters altogether.

We took note last month when Truthstream Media found what they believe is a manufactured narrative being formed for the sake of public relations by the government.

What’s really going on in Paris? folks at Truthstream Media went to Paris to check it out for themselves. While there, they quickly realized many things didn’t add up. First, the police were aggressive when the crowd was peaceful, practically provoking them with unnecessary shows of force when it wasn’t necessary. Then the violence and vandalism started even though the vast majority of protesters seemed peaceful.

The new narrative starts to form. It’s no longer a protest. It’s dangerous, violent rioting with poor optics that draws sympathy to the government.

There appears to be no end in sight. Anything short of a resignation from Macron is unlikely to appease the protests. It’s grown legs of its own that go beyond gas taxes. Now, the people are demanding real actions be taken.