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3 reasons to build the wall despite polls showing it isn’t popular



Why does a constitutional republic work while a true democracy would not? Because the general public in most countries and particularly in the United States form political opinions based on the wrong factors while not spending the time actually researching the facts, opinions, projections, and options. As I’ve said in a previous video about sheep, these four components go into what I call the “FOPO method” to form my own political perspectives. Unfortunately, most Americans either check to see what their preferred political icon of the moment says on a subject or they make a gut reaction without knowing the full implications of what they support.

Depending on what side of a debate the media and each political party is on will determine how much attention is paid to polls. But that attention only goes towards making an argument, whether it’s an argument for a particular piece of legislation, a political stance, or the vote for or against a politician. But when it comes to actual actions made by the federal government, the will of the people is usually ignored. It’s all about public relations, not actual policy making.

We’ve seen in recent days the poll numbers that show Republicans and the President are taking most of the blame for the government shutdown. We’ve also seen most Americans are apparently against building a border wall, thanks in large part to the first poll that shows Americans want the government shutdown ended, not to mention mainstream media’s incessant onslaught of anti-wall propaganda. I could go on for hours about how using the shutdown now is a failure on the part of the Republicans for not tackling the border wall when they had the power to do so, but that’s the past. It’s time to look ahead and figure out how we’re going to get it done now that Democrats are in charge of the House.

One thing is certain: the polls are wrong. It’s not that they’re inaccurate, but the way polls are administered helps determine the outcome. In nearly every case, poll questions are worded in a way to deliver the desired outcome. If the questions were framed differently, the results would be very different. For example, if you asked Americans the following question, I believe most would support building the wall.

“Should America adopt similar security efforts that Israel applied to their southern border six years ago, which decreased illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and terrorist incursions by over 95%?”

What Israel did six years ago was, of course, build a wall. That wall worked. Even the most progressive anti-wall activists in the nation had to acknowledge it did what it was supposed to do.

There are three reasons we shouldn’t simply listen to the polls to determine policy.

  1. The people are often wrong. Most Americans supported invading Iraq. Few can now argue this was a good move. Most Americans were against getting involved in the World Wars. Even fewer can argue that we should have let Germany win either war, which they would have had the United States gotten involved. It’s not that Americans are dumb. It’s that our sentiment is too easily swayed by propaganda and the will of those we idolize.
  2. Even when the people are right, government doesn’t act on it. 82% of Americans support term limits on Capitol Hill. We occasionally get an upstart politicians who tackles it, but when was the last time term limits were seriously discussed on the floor? Oh, right. Never.
  3. Opinions change too quickly. Around a decade ago, gay marriage was opposed by a majority of Americans. In fact, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against gay marriage when they ran for president in 2008. The same poll today reveals much different numbers.

We need a steady hand in government, one that does not bounce around from one public sentiment to the next. This is why it behooves the President and Republicans on Capitol Hill to not bend or break over the border wall issue. Is it losing popularity? Yes. They definitely need to do a much better job of selling it to the American people instead of playing the Democrats’ game of rebuking their talking points. They need stronger talking points of their own. Then, they need to get those talking points out to the people through friendly media outlets. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the strategy they’re employing today.

There is only one appropriate resolution: Congress funding the wall properly. Not building the wall shouldn’t even be on the table. Declaring a national emergency to fund the wall will end up wrapping it in so much red tape it’ll never actually happen. This shutdown is extremely unpopular and growing more so every day, but it’s the last opportunity America has to get funding for the wall any time in the next two years. If the President bends or breaks on this now, the border crisis will have no end in sight.

I’m JD Rucker. Thank you for listening.

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Guns and Crime

Illegal alien crimes are getting more frequent, more heinous, and the media’s ignoring it



Several communities have been shocked by slayings attributed to illegal immigrants

If you’re watching any mainstream media channels other than occasionally Fox News, you’ll notice the rash of slayings allegedly committed by illegal immigrants that we’ve been covering aren’t making national news the way they should. It goes against their narrative to report that there are people who aren’t supposed to be in this country who are killing American citizens.

Nevertheless, we’ll continue to report on them. Fox News occasionally does. Other conservative media outlets have been trying to keep up as well, but there have been so many it’s actually getting difficult to keep track. Here are the three mentioned in the Fox News video above, duly reported by NOQ Report. We rely on the generosity of our readers to allow us to keep reporting this important news.

But it doesn’t end with the three Fox News reported on. There have been so many heinous crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants in the past couple of months, we could fill our pages with stories about them alone and still have a full-blown news outlet.

Yes, it’s that bad. Here’s a sample:

Keep in mind, this is just over the past two months.

It isn’t just reporting the news that’s important. We are clear and bold in the way we report it. You won’t find flower language like “undocumented migrant” or “asylum-seeking snowflake” when we describe these criminal illegal immigrants or the crimes they allegedly commit. We use the proper terminology warranted by the White House. Those who enter the country illegally or stay longer than they’re supposed to stay are illegal aliens. Period.

Another important note is that we’re very much in favor of legal immigration. In fact, as a legal immigrant myself, I’m all in favor of increasing the number of legal immigrants who can enter the country just as soon as we stop the flow of illegal immigrants. We must deport those who are a risk to citizens, every last one of them. Then, we must fund ICE and border patrol to be able to detain those who are captured. Catch-and-release must be a thing of the past.

On top of that, we have to secure the borders with a strong combination of a wall, advanced LiDAR technology, much more border patrol agents, and more detention centers to accommodate the overflow we’re currently experiencing.

Visa overstays are arguably a bigger problem. There must be accountability for those who enter the country and either fail to extend their stay legally or ignore their visa expiration altogether. If that means weekly check-ins via mobile devices and instant warrants the moment their visas expire without record of them leaving or extending, so be it.

When all of these things are done, THEN let’s talk about immigration reform. Until then, we have too big of a problem with illegal immigration to even remotely consider expanding legal immigration in this country.

There is nothing wrong with having compassion. That means requiring they enter legally. It means those who deny our sovereignty by coming or staying illegally must be dealt with properly. The safety of American citizens must come first.

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Vice President reacts to Atlanta Mayor Bottoms’ move to turn away ICE detainees



Vice President reacts to Atlanta Mayor Bottoms move to turn away ICE detainees

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms made headlines this week when she announced an executive order forbidding her city’s jails from accepting ICE detainees. It was a move that drew harsh criticism from both sides. The right obviously wanted her to work with immigration enforcement to ease the already-strained detention system for border patrol and ICE. The left told her this would only redirect ICE agents to use for-profit private jails.

But Bottoms was resolute despite the criticism.

“I, like many others, have been horrified watching the impact of President Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy on children and families,” Bottoms said in a statement. “My personal angst has been compounded by the City of Atlanta’s long-standing agreement with the U.S. Marshal’s Office to house ICE detainees in our City jail.”

Vice President Mike Pence brought up the issue in a speech he delivered to ICE employees in Atlanta.

Now, I know you’ve got a hard job. And unfortunately, with the debate in the public square today, sometimes it gets harder. I heard on my way down here that the mayor of Atlanta recently announced that the city government wouldn’t cooperate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement when it comes to the detention of criminal illegal aliens in this city.

And I — it is amazing to think — the mayor actually said that she would, in her words, “not be complicit in an immigration policy that intentionally inflicts misery.” Well, I would say to the mayor that criminal illegal immigrants, gang members on our streets, are what inflict misery.

The flow of illegal drugs, like cocaine and meth and fentanyl, inflict misery and wreck our families and communities. Human trafficking inflicts misery. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the men and women who enforce our laws do not inflict misery. They bring safety and security to the people of Atlanta, and they deserve the respect of every elected official in this country.

My Take

It’s one thing to object to measures put forth by the federal government. This can be a good thing as the tenets of limited-government federalism teach us. DC is far too powerful right now and cities need to be willing to stand up just as individuals and states do.

But this move by Bottoms is nothing more than political fodder. She’s trying to build a name for herself as someone who stood up to the President’s immigration policy, but is putting her own city and citizens at risk as a result. When ICE has no place to detain criminal illegal immigrants, they often have no recourse but to release them. This may seem insane, but that’s the state of our immigration system thanks to people like Bottoms.

Keep in mind, they aren’t bringing “family units” or separating children from their families, which is the premise behind Bottoms’ protest. The people ICE brings to Atlanta jails are criminals. These are people who have, in many cases, done harm to people who live in Atlanta. For Bottoms to get political while putting her own citizens at risk is ridiculous.

Such is the state of a divided America where Democrats are willing to harm American citizens if it means scoring political points against President Trump. Mayor Bottoms should not be celebrated. She should be condemned for bowing to political expediency.

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Illegal alien Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro identified as murderer of Kittitas County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Thompson



Illegal alien Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro identified as murderer of Kittitas County sheriffs deputy

A reported “road rage incident” turned deadly for a sheriff’s deputy and the man they were trying to stop on Tuesday when the perpetrated opened fire after being pulled over. It has now been confirmed by ICE that the perpetrator was an illegal immigrant.

Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, 29, died at the hospital after being wounded in another shootout with police. He killed Kittitas County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Thompson and wounded another police officer in the subsequent shootout.

“Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, a citizen of Mexico, was unlawfully present in the United States. He entered the U.S. on April 11, 2014, through a Laredo, Texas, Land Port of Entry on a Temporary Agricultural Worker (H-2A) visa. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has no record of Flores Del Toro leaving the U.S., nor extending his visa after it expired.”

My Take

Conservatives are so focused on the border crisis that we often forget the other elephant in the room – visa overstays. Del Toro was recorded as entering the country on a H-2A visa, but he didn’t leave when he was supposed to as designated by his status.

We often point to the border wall as the solution, but this criminal didn’t sneak into the country illegally. He remained illegally, and it’s a problem that requires an entire overhaul of our immigration system. If we can’t keep track of and remove those in the country illegally, then our immigration system is worthless.

Regardless of the circumstances that allowed him to stay in the country, the bottom line is he wasn’t supposed to be here and a law enforcement officer is dead because the system is broken.

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