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Kevin McCarthy refutes the President’s alleged ‘temper tantrum’



Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who has been pushing the “temper tantrum” narrative for a while in order to paint President Trump as someone who storms out of meetings and makes decisions based on his hurt feelings, claimed that the meeting on Thursday between them and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ended with another such tantrum.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said it didn’t happen that way.

“I’ve never watched somebody talk about a meeting so different than what actually took place,” McCarthy said.

He then went on to describe a completely different picture in which the President walked in upbeat, offering candy to the participants. When discussions started and Pelosi declared there would be no wall in the discussion no matter what the President offered, he calmly left. It definitely didn’t sound like a tantrum as described by someone who was in the room at the time.

This goes towards the deeper issue on both sides, but with Democrats claiming the lion’s share. They’re lying in order to score political points, not just about their adversaries but also about their own perspectives. It’s gross.