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Briefly, why Medicare-for-All would be a disaster



We’ve discussed many times on NOQ Report about how bad the concept of Medicare-for-All is, how it would bankrupt the nation, dramatically raise costs, and reduce quality of healthcare. These ideas shouldn’t need to be reiterated, but somehow the notion of single-payer healthcare just won’t go away.

Thankfully, people like Justin Haskins are out there educating the people about why it would be so disastrous for the nation. As he points out, the government has always had a problem with running things efficiently. We’re not talking about a few things they’ve run poorly, or even most things. Literally everything the government controls is run poorly at the highest levels. There are certain things that require the government to have control such as the military, but even the military is very poorly run from a 30,000-foot view. That’s not to say the military itself is inefficient in its operations; individual units purr like Ferrari engines. But as an overall entity, the waste and economics behind everything the government touches is awful.

The next reason it’s not a good idea is because it has never worked elsewhere. While it’s true the people don’t technically pay directly for their healthcare, their systems prevent their people from having even basic procedures in a timely manner. This cannot be understated. Even if we were somehow able to pay for Medicare-for-All without destroying the entire planet’s economy, we shouldn’t want to based on results from around the world.

If you know someone who’s considering supporting Medicare-for-All, please educate them. If you’re considering it yourself, please do the research first. Radical progressives might feel good by offering it, but Heaven help us if they ever get their way.