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‘The Surge’ offers satirical look at a world without intrusive government regulations



The popular Purge movie series takes us through various scenarios in an America where laws are no longer in effect for a night. The series is gruesome and paints what could be a fairly accurate interpretation of what would happen without law and order for a time. But there are other laws and regulations that would also be affected that may not be as terrible as many Americans believe.

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo, a video that didn’t get nearly enough attention when it was released is getting a second chance at viral life. Why? Because 19 days into the partial government shutdown, chaos hasn’t rained down on America as many fearmongers suggested it would.

WATCH: ‘Purge’-Style Comedy Sketch Perfectly Spoofs Government Shutdown Hysterics | Daily Wire new comedy short written and directed by Jared Sichel and Gabriel Yaffe via Unit 3 Entertainment called “The Surge” examines just that. The nearly 11-minute video perfectly spoofs the hysterics surrounding the shutdown, showcasing “what really happens during a government shutdown” in style reminiscent of the “The Purge,” a dystopian horror flick where all crime is legal once a year.

In between flashes of chaos, the short opens with text to set the stage for the video: “The year is 2020. Anti-government sentiment is at an all-time high. To prove to Americans how much they need the government, Congress has announced that for 12 hours, all laws and regulations will be suspended, and all crimes will go unpunished. The government has named this day: The Purge.”

While it’s important not to downplay the effects the shutdown is having on the families who aren’t getting a paycheck, we shouldn’t let irrational fears dictate our actions. The wall is needed, so the GOP must stick to its guns.