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Opposition to the border wall is 100% fueled by spite for President Trump



The excuses for the complete flip-flop being perpetrated by long-time leaders in the Democratic Party are laughable. They say it will be ineffective. They say it will cost too much. They say it’s immoral, racist, and the wrong message to send to our neighbors to the south.

None of these excuses existed in the recent past when they supported border security, including building barriers to slow the tremendous influx of drugs, crime, and illegal immigrants flooding into our nation across the southern border. What’s changed? The man behind the Resolute Desk.

Now that President Trump has become the champion fighting illegal immigration, it’s become incumbent on Democrats to change their tune. Some will say they’ve always been in favor of illegal immigration as some sort of voting benefit. While there’s at least a little plausibility in this argument, the more likely scenario is echoed in their past support for improved border security that has changed since President Trump took office. They’ve clearly changed their tune, which means either the risks have been mitigated (which they haven’t), or they need to oppose the President on his biggest political front.

In other words, they oppose the wall because they believe doing so will help them win more elections in 2020, including the presidential election itself.

But it’s not the politicians that concern me when it comes to opposition to the wall. They’re politicians, which means they’ll do what’s best for themselves. That’s just part of their nature. But when otherwise thoughtful and intelligent American citizens decide they oppose the border wall because of the person whose name will be attached to it, I cringe. How can they allow their spite to overrule common sense? Is their hatred for what President Trump represents as a person so strong that they’re willing to put American lives at risk by willfully ignoring the obvious dangers of a porous southern border?

Apparently, the answer is yes, and that’s terrifying.

Those who hate President Trump can call him names. They can protest his policies that aren’t clearly in the best interests of America. But the border wall IS in the best interests of America. It’s very challenging to make the argument otherwise, which is why even the talking heads on mainstream media are redirecting with statements about Mexico paying for it instead of coming out and saying the wall is a bad idea.

If Democrats were honest, they’d acknowledge their opposition to the border wall isn’t about what it is or how it will work, but WHO is pushing for it. Their hatred for Trump is manifesting as a self-destructive mindset for Americans. They need to look in the mirror and tell themselves the truth, which is no matter how much they hate the President, they shouldn’t let it distort their grasp on reality or their recognition of common sense.