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Conspiracy Theory

Bird Box and Bandersnatch: A conspiracy perspective



Popular YouTuber Jason A took notice of Netflix and two of their recent releases, Bird Box and Bandersnatch. We’ve covered both of these for their creative aspects, but what about from a conspiracy perspective? Are there reasons to be concerned about this movie and interactive streaming show, respectively?

The video tries to make us think, but I’m sure many are unaware of a couple of things that are theorized by some conspiracy theorists. First, the connection between entertainment and the so-called “New World Order agenda” have been tackled by many conspiracy theorists over the years. It’s noteworthy in this regard that the theme of Bird Box is basically, “don’t take off your blindfold,” which conspiracy theorists may say symbolizes calls from nefarious forces to remain blind to the truth.

The second thing to note is that there’s a belief among many conspiracy theorists that the “Illuminati” must declare their intentions before carrying them out. As control factors are put into place for the main character in Bandersnatch, one might believe this is a prelude to something that will actually happen to people in the real world.

I’m not buying either of these components, but I do appreciate the overall message here, particularly what is mentioned by Elon Musk. The billionaire has often been seen as a willing participant who sometimes drops hints about the conspiracies that surround him. Eluding to the game play of virtual reality and wondering whether we’re part of a simulation ourselves is intriguing. Some scientists have come to a similar conclusion, while many Christians such as the late Chuck Missler have eluded to our existence as a simulation.

Whether you’re ready to put on your tinfoil hat now or not isn’t the point. There are strange things happening in the world and it’s time more people take note.


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