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Kellyanne Conway blames courts, Congress for the border crisis



Speaking on The Ingraham Angle, senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway went over a wide range of topics, starting with the elephant in the room, the shutdown and border security. While not saying the President would declare a national emergency during his speech to the nation tonight, she did point the blame for both the shutdown and the border crisis squarely on Congress and the courts that are hampering enforcement of laws pertaining to illegal immigration.

She was careful not to say the President was going to declare a national emergency, even seeming at times to be shying away from that concept.

“There are probably some people who want him (Trump) to declare it (the emergency) so that Congress, again, can fail to do its job,” she said. “The Congress and the courts have failed to do their jobs. They’ve given us this crisis.”

My Take

She’s right that both problems belong to Congress, but it isn’t just Democrats. Republicans had the majorities in both chambers for two years and didn’t make a move to fund the border wall. To say that it’s not the Democrats’ fault after two years of inaction is disingenuous.

We will learn tonight whether or not the President is giving into demands and declare a national emergency in order to end the government shutdown. As my colleague pointed it, that would probably be a mistake.