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These are the families impacted by illegal immigration



The GOP launched a campaign to support President Trump’s initiative for building the border wall and improving border security. The video above is part of their launch, compelling people to visit and sign a petition calling on Democrats to stand down on their obstruction tactics against the wall.

Quick warning: As with all of these political “petitions” issued by candidates and parties, this is a fundraising measure. The results of the petition may or may not ever be published, but one thing is certain. Filling out the attached form will put you on a list that will be used by the GOP to raise funds in the future. As long as you’re okay with getting future fundraising emails, feel free to fill out the form.

Back to the border wall. This campaign may or may not coincide with the President’s speech tonight before a national audience. He will be discussing the partial government shutdown as well as border security. Some say he’s going to announce plans to reopen the government and still get his wall by declaring a national emergency at the border. As one of the writers here noted earlier, this would be a huge win for the Democrats, but it may also be the President’s only choice as it seems the Democrats aren’t backing down.

The video in and of itself is heart-wrenching. It is undeniable that criminal illegal immigrants are having their way in the United States. Their numbers are growing even as legal immigrants are being hurt just as all American citizens are. The arguments from the left ring hollow when we watch videos like these that demonstrate tangible pain as a result of criminal illegal immigrants.

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and their Democratic cohorts are willfully bringing great harm to American citizens for the sake of scoring political points. It is disgusting. This video needs to be shared to the masses.