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The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is the boldest SUV they’ve put out in years



When we explore new vehicles, we normally attach a video that goes through the specs, offers insights, or performs a test drive and walkaround. With the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, we’ve attached a video that lets the SUV speak for itself. Why? Because this is the most visually stunning SUV Chevrolet has released in years.

Starting at $28,800, the crossover is well within the price range of most new vehicle buyers. Now that it’s hitting showrooms, we’ll see how well the low price and amazing design sparks sales.

To go with the theme of letting the vehicle speak for itself, here’s a quick promotional video from Chevrolet. We’re not usually fans of such videos, opting to let independent video producers tell the story, but the beauty of this ride demanded a high-definition look at its wonders:

While the functionality of the base model is worth considering, buyers may want to step up to the Premier trim. It’s almost an entirely different vehicle with premium leather and sueded microfiber that gives it every bit as much of a luxurious feel as its more expensive competitors. Car buyers can also start from the base and select from a wide variety of optional features to build just the right level of luxury and comfort.

But let’s focus on the real appeal of this SUV. Chevrolet has hit a home run with their exterior design. Reviewers are nearly universal with their praise of the contours that give it more of a car-like appearance than the truck-like stance that many SUVs still enjoy today. Their roots were as converted trucks, after all, though most manufacturers have made them seem like large cars instead of pickups with more seats and a roof. The Blazer is no different, but takes the design aesthetics to a new level.

2019 Vhevy Blazer

As is the trend in the industry, the 2019 Chevy Blazer includes many options for driver assistance as well as teen driver limitation features. When kids (or an aggressive spouse) gets behind the wheel, owners can receive alerts when they’re driving too fast or even playing the stereo too loud. It even gives an in-vehicle report card to use as a teaching tool for new drivers.

Automatic braking and collision avoidance features help drivers stay on course. These features go nicely with the Blazer’s blind-spot warning system, a lane-keeping assist system, and a rear cross-traffic alert system.

If there’s one complaint we’ve seen from reviews, it’s that the crowded segment didn’t need a new competitor and Chevrolet already has plenty of SUV options. But that complaint assumes the costs to add the model were greater than the potential benefits of giving buyers more options. Chevrolet has been fiscally responsible in recent years, so it seems best to trust they know what they’re doing with the Blazer. Time will tell.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer Engine

Under the hood, we have to instantly call for buyers to go for the upgrade. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the economical ECOTEC® 2.5L engine. 27 mpg on the highway is nice for a midsize SUV, but here’s the thing. The 3.6l engine offers 26 mpg on the highway while delivering 305 hp and a towing capacity of up to 4500 lbs. There’s no need to save a little money on the smaller engine when the bigger one is so much better.

Our verdict: Chevrolet has knocked it out of the park with the 2019 Blazer. Naysayers can complain all they want about the crowded segment. We expect to see this vehicle do very well in the sales arena. You’ll be seeing plenty of these on the road soon enough.

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Top 5 worst tractor attachments




Top 5 worst tractor attachments

A tongue in cheek video from Messick’s that may stir up a bit of controversy.

Just for fun we present this recent video from Messick’s on the more frustrating tractor implements. The choices were based on a Facebook pointing out a few important issues with some and why they can be difficult to use.

For example, the down force issue with the three-point hitch post hole auger maybe something no one has considered. Please note that it’s the older three-point hitch variety that is backhoe being described, the more recent models have a subframe mount. Remember this isn’t our opinion on the matter – especially considering item #2.

Top 5 Worst Tractor Attachments
Premiered Jun 24, 2019

#5 Three point hitch snow blower
#4 Three point hitch post hole digger
#3 Three point hitch back hoe
#2 Three point quick hitches
#1 Drive over mower deck

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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All new 2020 Ford Super Duty looks great, but does it have the specs?



All new 2020 Ford Super Duty looks great but does it have the specs

Update: Commenter Wyatt offered this correction: An error in your post. The legendary 7.3L V8 engine is returning, but only in GAS. The diesel engine will still be the standard (yet upgraded) 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. Performance numbers have yet to be released, but my thoughts for diesel are around 450-460 hp and around 940-950 lb.-ft. torque, and for gas engine will be around 450 hp and around 505-510 lb.-ft. torque.

Thank you, Wyatt!

Original Story:

When Ford Motor Company comes to mind, they want you to think of two things – trucks and SUVs. The brand is essentially abandoning anything shorter than a crossover, making it imperative that they get their trucks and sports utility vehicles exactly right. The all-new 2020 Super Duty F-250 and F-350 are coming out. Did they get them exactly right?

On the outside, they definitely did. These are arguably the most attractive big trucks every designed. Big without being too bulking. Sleek without being too wimpy. Bold without being too loud. The combination of tasteful and ominous seem to have blended perfectly in the new Super Duty.

All new 2020 Ford Super Duty looks great but does it have the specs

The question that every big truck lover is asking is whether or not this is going to deliver the power Ford owners have grown accustomed to over the decades. In short, yes. The aluminum body still presents them with the strength and light weight that most consider to be an advantage over other trucks in the segment. Combine that with the legendary 7.3L diesel turbo Powerstroke and it’s a winning mix that rides on a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The numbers for towing and hauling are not released, but experts expect it to be the top of the line ahead of Chevrolet and Dodge. As Alex on Autos notes, it’s very likely they’re holding back on the numbers because they’re so good.

What he didn’t care for as much as the Chevrolet is the interior. It’s a big pickup, but this isn’t the 1980s. Drivers aren’t expecting it to be a luxury interior, but they still want it to be more comfortable than the old farm haulers of the last century.

There’s no word on when they’ll be released, but expect Ford to time it out around the summer heavy duty season. Will this be the truck to put the rest to shame. Until we drive it, we won’t pass judgment but so far, so good.


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GM rebounds with $8.1B 2018 profit on strong pricing



GM rebounds with 81B 2018 profit on strong pricing

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors posted an $8.1 billion net profit for 2018, fueled by better prices for vehicles sold in the U.S., its most lucrative market.

It’s a strong rebound from the previous year when the company lost $3.9 billion on a giant tax accounting charge.

GM made $10.8 billion before taxes in North America, down about 9 percent from 2017. But it still means big profit-sharing checks for about 46,500 union workers in the U.S. They’ll get $10,750 each, less than last year’s $11,500.

The company said Wednesday that it made $5.58 per share for the year. Without $2.5 billion worth of special items largely due to restructuring, the profit was $6.54, easily beating Wall Street expectations of $6.29, according to a survey by FactSet.

Full-year revenue rose 1 percent to $147.05 billion, also beating estimates of just over $145 billion.

GM made $2 billion, or $1.40 per share in the fourth quarter. Excluding restructuring charges, the company’s per-share earnings were $1.43, also breezing past Wall Street expectations of $1.24.

Shares of GM rose almost 3 percent at the opening bell.

Chief Financial Officer Dhivya Suryadevara said GM said it made $2 billion on its joint venture in China last quarter, despite slowing auto sales in the country.

The Trump administration’s tariffs on imported aluminum and steel raised prices of those commodities, costing the company more than $1 billion last year. Suryadevara expects another $1 billion increase this year.

“It’s a volatile environment as you well know, and we’re going to have to see how that goes,” she said.

GM has managed to offset some costs with efficiencies, she told reporters Wednesday.

Even with the profit, GM’s U.S. sales last year fell 1.6 percent as big SUVs and the company’s top-selling Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck faltered during the fourth quarter. But sales of many smaller SUVs rose and the average sale price of a GM vehicle hit a record of $36,974, the company said. GM’s U.S. market share 0.4 percentage points to 16.7 percent.

The profits are being announced as GM lays off about 4,300 white-collar workers, many of them at its giant technical center in a nearby suburb of Warren, Michigan. The company plans to close five U.S. and Canadian factories and eliminate a total of 14,000 salaried and blue-collar jobs as part of a giant restructuring to boost profit margins, prepare for a downturn and invest more in electric and autonomous vehicles.

GM wanted to cut 8,000 white-collar workers. About 2,200 took retirement offers, and the company let go of another 1,500. This week, GM started telling 4,300 other salaried workers that they were out of a job.

The company plans to eliminate about 6,000 factory worker jobs by closing three car assembly plants and two other factories. But it says there are 2,700 openings for U.S. workers at factories across the nation.


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