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Hey, you’re not a leftist!



A video from Blue Collar Logic makes the point that True Liberals belong on the right, conserving Liberty.

Blue Collar Logic are videos from a couple of guys applying basic common sense to the issues of the day. In this case a video setting forth the proposition that it very important to know the meaning of the labels we use. That true Liberal belong on the Pro-Liberty Right right. While we may quibble here and there, most of it rings true.

They point out that the founding fathers were true Liberals, while those who push socialistic slavery cannot rightfully assume that moniker. For example, we have the recent case where the Washington Post published an article directly identifying Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) as a ‘Liberal’.

Given that socialism is a collectivist ideology that is adverse to individual rights it’s hard to reconcile that any of her mindset could be Liberal. But that is the state of our nation these days, with one side using words to deceive such as Liberal, while other unwittingly help them by grouping most who lean left under that bailiwick.

Indications are that the Left is splitting apart with some going hard Left authoritarian socialist, while others are recognising that is insane and leaving the party to #walkaway. These are the true Liberals who hopefully realise that limited government is the only way to conserve Liberty.