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Transgender rant on GameStop employee shows dangers of “tolerance”



“Tolerance” is a powerful word. When used with kindness in one’s heart, it can bring about great changes in society. When used spitefully, it is the representation of an easily triggered society that values the collective over the individual.

It’s identity politics at work in the real world, and yes, you should be worried.

It isn’t just the over-the-top reaction of the transgender woman that highlights the risks of unhinged people embracing gender-identity as their reason to hate the world. It’s also the reactions to the video that should makes us long for the days when there were things in the world that didn’t offend something.

Today, nothing can be said or done that won’t offend someone.

If tolerance is a one-way street, which is essentially how it’s being sold to the American public, then those of us who fall in the mediocre middle are the ones who will be most hurt.

If you don’t have a reason to be offended, then you’re probably the offender. That’s how identity politics works.