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Liberty in the crosshairs: The Leftist cold war on words



Liberty in the crosshairs The Leftist cold war on words

Developing a counteroffensive in response to the Left’s guerrilla warfare.

The cause of Liberty is in serious trouble, It’s no secret that the nation’s Socialist-Left cannot abide it. As Walter Williams stated in an interview on CRTV, tyrants will often use the vestiges of Liberty and Liberalism to get their foot in the door. After which they throw off these pretensions in their quest for power. It also shouldn’t be the least hyperbolic to observe that each day the situation becomes worse and worse, with the observation by many that we are already engaged in a cold civil war. We shortened the term since the word ‘civil’ seems out-of-place in this context. This war is being fought with words instead of rounds of ammunition. Thoughts instead of armoured columns.

Leftist guerrilla warfare is trying to destroy western culture

In general terms, guerrilla warfare initially consists of small-unit hit and run attacks against soft targets in what used to be called the rear echelon. With this type of warfare, there is no rear echelon, no safe areas. The point of these attacks is to wear the enemy down, while keeping one’s forces safe from retaliatory strikes. Attacks from everywhere and anywhere keep the enemy off-balance, unable to find respite from the constantly shifting battlefield.

In military parlance gleaned from years of bitter experience, the best response to an attack of this nature is a direct counter attack. The enemy will often want a certain response that helps their cause immensely, this is the course of action to avoid.

Once upon a time, the Left pretended to be liberal

There was a time when Leftist’s pretensions as being ‘Liberal’ had a thin veneer of credibility. They at least tried to keep up the façade, standing up for the cause here and there. Their comrades in the national socialist media likewise maintained their cover story as being ‘objective’ journalists. Their news stories and opinion pieces had a modicum of balance.

This is no longer the case. Every day the national socialist-Left tries to conjure up new ways of being ‘offended’ at words that have been around for centuries. Media personalities of the Left’s media organs have dropped most, if not all pretense at being objective in favour of an agenda of collectivist propaganda.

We could cite some prime examples of these instances of the Left being offended or the media off the rails of objectivity, but that will change in the next 5 minutes.

Most people have had enough of the Left’s cold war on our culture

The good news is that many have become sick of this undeclared cold war on words. A recent poll had 80% of the people fed up with political correctness. They are sick of the constant chaos and uncertainty on what is considered to be ‘PC’ at the moment. Every time they turn around, some new tradition or cultural icon will be under attack from the enemies of Liberty on the Left.

Many simply chose to ignore the Left, hoping they will go away. Others point out the absurdity of the contradictory tantrums of the Left without taking action. Both do nothing to stop the insanity. As it the case with actual warfare, the best defense is a good offense, although not literally in this case

The power of the word NO

Carrying over the analogy to our situation, the best course of action is a direct response, beginning with the elemental tactic of telling them NO to any of their insane demands. In much the same way as disciplining a toddler or a pet, a firm NO is sometimes the best answer to the Left’s antics. Giving ground only serves to encourage additional requirements. In many situations the best way to handle the Socialist Justice Warriors is to refuse their demands, telling them to go away.

A lexicon for the defense of Liberty

In other cases, we all need to come up with responses to the Left’s ‘NPC’ style assaults. They tend to use the same phrases and insults, ad nauseam, so developing a set of responses will be easy. These will be the military equivalent of attacking the source of an ambush directly with greater or overwhelming firepower. In most cases, there will be the usual Leftist assault phrase, what it truly means and the counteroffensive response. Here is one example to get the ball rolling:

Leftese word or phrase: Socialism

What it truly means: Buying votes with other people’s money.

The Pro-Liberty term for Socialism: Societal Slavery

The Takeaway.

Going along to get along is no longer a practical strategy, it only encourages further assaults. Barring the use of the good old-fashioned adult response of NO to the Left. It is time we developed a set of response words and phrases to Leftist absurdities. Our sanity and the defense of Liberty demands it.



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Let’s have that ‘conversation’ about guns and why we’re never giving them up




Lets have that conversation about guns and why were never giving them up

#GunPrideMonth is the perfect time for a calm, rational discussion about the true causes of violence.

Our friends on the national socialist Left love to bring up the issue of guns in the context of a ‘serious crisis’. Tying to make it seem as Corey Booker falsely claims that there is a mass shooting every day. Well, its been several days since one of those occurrences, so that is clearly a lie. Even the Washington Post has made it clear that gun homicides have dropped substantially over the past 25 years in this article: Most Americans incorrectly think gun-murder rates have become worse, not better.

However, for the Left they have convince themselves of the righteousness of their causes, so making something up here or lying there is perfectly acceptable to them, never mind that reality shows them to be complete frauds, ‘in the aggregate’.

At least it used to be that way. Now the Liberty Grabber Left has come out of the authoritarian closet with a full court press for socialism and gun confiscation [funny how those two things go hand in hand?]. At this point in time, it’s a case where they haven’t stopped complaining about guns, despite the violence rationale dropping out of the news.

It’s time for a calm and rational conversation about the basic human right of self-defense.

The Liberty grabbers are at a decided disadvantage in having these discussions in a relatively calm environment. It always seems to work best for them when emotions run high and they can run around with the hair on fire screaming ‘we have to do something –anything – about guns, now before we rationally think about it too much’. Well, they usually don’t add that last part, thinking is the last thing they want anyone to do.

The fact is a research study from Northeastern University demonstrated that: Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be.  Facts like that don’t help the Liberty Grabber Left in their gun confiscation quest, so such things are ignored. It’s better for them to engage in their usual routine of making things up and repeating them ad nauseam until they are believed as the truth, thanks to the admonitions of socialist luminaries Hitler a Lenin.

A discussion on the underlying causes of violence instead of inanimate objects.

We’ll begin with a video from a year ago from the Warrior Poet Society on Why Gun Control is NOT about GUNS:

[Note that even he mistakenly states that shootings are getting worse.]

He points out that the worse thing we could do is establish so-called ‘Gun-Free’ zones where mass murderers can have free reign. Most mass shootings since 1950 have taken place in ‘Gun-Free’ zones.

This leads to the larger point that even if the Liberty Grabbers got their wish and confiscated every gun from the innocent, the criminals and the government would still have them to prey on people.

Still further, making the point, even if those of evil intent didn’t have guns, they could use other means: explosives, poisons, edged weapons, vehicles..

He makes the last point that this is a recent phenomenon, unheard of 50 or so years ago. This is partly due to the glamorization of these killers in the media.

One change has been in the culture and in our society and the fact that many of these killers have grown up in fatherless homes. An article from last February pointed out that Of the 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Had One Thing in Common: fatherlessness.

The Takeaway.

The Liberty Grabber Left would like to have a ‘Conversation’ about gun confiscation. We of the Pro-Liberty Right want to Keep our freedom. Despite the lies of the Left, guns aren’t a growing epidemic. But they do stand in the way of the Socialist-Left attaining their desired authoritarian power. Thus they keep on bleating about the ‘problem’ even though its diminishing in intensity.

The intent here is to have that ‘conversation’ and prove that it’s NOT a question of guns, but of the breakdown in our culture induced by the Left. They would prefer it to be about guns, and how fast and how soon they will be confiscated.

[But only from certain people ]

Additional reference links

Poll: More Americans Have a Gun in Home Than Ever Before
Nearly 120 million Americans have a firearm in the home

Any Study Of ‘Gun Violence’ Should Include How Guns Save Lives

That Time The CDC Asked About Defensive Gun Uses

UPDATED: Mass Public Shootings keep occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 94% of attacks since 1950

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Article about Imam Mohamad Tawhidi pulled down over threat of lawsuit



Article about Imam Mohamad Tawhidi pulled down over threat of lawsuit

An article that appeared on NOQ Report last week has been removed following threats of a lawsuit. In our current revenue situation, we are not in a position to defend against lawsuits from powerful people like Imam Mohamad Tawhidi, known on Twitter as the “Imam of Peace.”

It should be noted that Tawhidi did not request the article to be pulled, only edited. While I appreciate his position and the cordial way he has handled this from the start, the author of the piece was unable to edit the story in a way that would be satisfactory without changing the premise and conclusion of the article itself. The only recourse was to remove the article altogether.

As much as I hate censorship in just about any situation, prudence is called for in this particular circumstance. Despite incredible growth in traffic – more than triple of what we had in March of this year – revenue has been challenged. Our attempts to be completely crowdfunded have not yielded the dollars necessary to be able to fight lawsuits. I hate most ads but at this point they’re necessary. Even a frivolous lawsuit could be enough to shut the site down, which is why we continue to ask for donations whenever possible.

It’s saddening to have to resort to taking down articles when faced with challenges, but we know if we persevere we will continue to grow. Someday, we will have the clout to fight lawsuits, but for now we are fighting for survival.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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This could be a daily headline: ‘Ilhan Omar invokes race card’



This could be a daily headline Ilhan Omar invokes race card

Being anti-Semitic wasn’t getting enough attention for Representative Ilhan Omar, so in recent weeks she’s shifted her standard operating procedure to go from attacking Israel to playing the constant victim and labeling anyone opposed to her as racist. The latest episode of “How Ilhan played the race card today” happened at the ideal place for such things: the far-left Netroots Nation gathering.

DailyWire’s Ryan Saavedra gave the short version as well as a video of the pertinent parts of her speech:

The biggest flaw of Omar’s argument is causation versus correlation. She claims the illegal immigrants are being put in “cages” because they don’t look like the people putting them there. But even if we set aside the false notion that people of color are all against stopping illegal immigration, they aren’t being detained because of the way they look. They’re being detained because the broke the law and attacked the sovereignty of our nation by stealing entry and claiming an asylum status that is reserved for truly oppressed people, not economically challenged people as most of the migrants are.

If a Caucasian family crossed the border illegally, they would be detained just as quickly and with the same rules applied to them. The fact that most who do so are people of color does not mean they’re being detained because of their race.

Omar and her cronies from the Justice Democrats – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib – have made it a habit to invoke the race card in every circumstance and regarding every policy. Today is just them on repeat.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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