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Manafort-Assange story was false. Mainstream media blames – you guessed it – Trump.



Manafort-Assange story was false Mainstream media blames - you guessed it - Trump

Of course they do.

The “blockbuster” smoking gun story posted by The Guardian earlier this week was widely cited as proof the President’s campaign was directly involved with Wikileaks and therefore indirectly coordinating with Russia to release damaging emails hacked from the DNC and John Podesta during the 2016 election.

Just about every major news outlet jumped on the story. MSNBC called it a “collusion bombshell.” The Week called it “a disaster for Trump.” Rolling Stone said Manafort’s story is “unraveling before our eyes.”

It was a classic knee-jerk reaction by mainstream media to anything negative about President Trump. There were enough inconsistencies and concerns in the original story to make the lucid in media instantly question it, but the unhinged elements jumped on it like a pack of lions stumbling across an injured gazelle.

As the Washington Times reported, certain things simply didn’t match up.

Paul Manafort denies meeting Julian Assange, as passports’ stamps don’t match accusations liberal Guardian newspaper on Tuesday claimed that Manafort in 2013, 2015 and the spring of 2016 met with Mr. Assange, WikiLeaks chief, in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. The story sited “sources.”

WikiLeaks immediately denounced The Guardian story as a hoax and said it planned to raise money to file a libel suit. Manafort, who was convicted of multiple charges including tax evasion and is in jail, also emphatically denied the story.

Once the facts about the story started getting questioned, everything started falling apart. Passport stamps didn’t match. Manafort’s name wasn’t on the embassy visitors’ log. Anonymous sources evaporated. Both Manafort and Wikileaks started talking about libel suits, a step that few actually take if a story is not demonstrably false. Perhaps most telling is that Robert Mueller’s team didn’t jump on it immediately. This would have been the smoking gun they seek, yet they seemed to understand from the beginning that it was a red herring.

But the media is less scrupulous in their pursuits, as Mollie Hemingway noted at The Federalist:

Manafort/Assange Drama Proves Media Buys Any Russia Conspiracy on first read the story seemed difficult to believe. It was based on anonymous sources so non-descript that they could be any of literally millions of people. A document from Ecuador’s Senain intelligence agency allegedly claimed a “Manaford” had visited Assange along with “Russians.” The story mentioned the discredited dossier that journalists wrote about and intelligence agencies used to secure wiretaps on Trump associates despite the failure to verify its claims.

Since the visitor logs for the Ecuador embassy are public and show no mentions of Manafort, the story had to come up with a convenient excuse for why he was missing from the logs. They went with “Sources in Ecuador, however, say Manafort was not logged.” Okay, then.

The best move at this point would be to tuck tail and seek another story that gets eyeballs and attacks President Trump. That’s what most outlets did. They pretended like the story never happened and for the last two days simply stopped mentioning the smoking gun they thought would surely take down the President.

But some took it a step further. Instead of acknowledging the report was simply falsified, they started looking for answers why anyone would do that. The obvious answer – to attack the President – seemed a bit far-fetched to many left-wing outlets. They couldn’t imagine their progressive media colleagues making something up, so there must have been a better explanation.

That’s when the next level of unhinged reporting started popping up. Who could they blame for the false story? Yep, President Trump. Or Russia. Or both.

By their thinking, this must have been a story faked for the sake of making the President look bad at first only to have him vindicated a day later. Ya, that’s the ticket!

Politico first floated the new conspiracy theory two days ago and other outlets have been running with it ever since.

Did Someone Plant a Story Tying Paul Manafort to Julian Assange? number of parties in the Trump-Russia circus have an interest in discrediting the media. Russian President Vladimir Putin has solidified his power in Russia by systematically quashing the free press and controlling the message through friendly media outlets, including the likes of RT and Sputnik. Trump, too, has consistently shouted “Fake News!” at any story he doesn’t like and has made it a theme of late to refer to the media as “the enemy of the people,” a term that has been used by dictators throughout time, including to devastating effect by Joseph Stalin.

They ran with a story to discredit the President. When the story turned out to be false, they didn’t retract. They redirected. Now they say the President and Russia must have planted the story to make the press look bad. Mainstream media is ludicrous.



Conspiracy Theory

The silliness of ‘Storm Area 51’ demonstrates why government doesn’t fear the people



The silliness of Storm Area 51 demonstrates why government doesnt fear the people

In a proper Constitution political system, the government should be beholden to the people. In fact, the government should FEAR the people as we not only control the vote of who is allowed to represent us, but we also have rights that allow us to take on the government when they commit improper, unconstitutional acts. But as long as the people only rise up when social media jokes turn into reality, there is no reason for the government to fear, respect, or even work for us.

They can oppress us at their leisure, and that’s exactly what they do much of the time.

Don’t take this as a call for anarchy, nor as support for storming Area 51. It’s protected for a reason, and it’s likely not nearly as conspiratorial as it once was. The site of alleged scientific exploration into alien technology is almost certainly a red herring now. But that didn’t stop UFO enthusiasts from promising to storm the cite with millions of interested people. The results were not even close.

‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook event draws only about 100 people the early morning dark in the Nevada desert Friday, one of about 100 people visiting the entrance gate to Area 51 landed in handcuffs.

“We arrested one guy for indecent exposure out of Canada at the gate,” Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee told the USA TODAY Network.

The man, the sheriff said, urinated near the gate.

Authorities detained a woman for “investigative purposes,” but – all in all – the “storming” of Area 51 turned out to be a manageable affair.

It’s a good thing “millions” or even thousands of people didn’t attend. This could have turned into a very ugly scene if half the people who claimed they would attend actually stepped away from their conspiracy theory desks to travel to Nevada. But it’s still disappointing that a group as passionate as “UFO Truthers” were unable to take real action.

In a civilized society, protests are peaceful. The message is sent by the masses of people unified behind a cause, not from a select few who turn protests into ugly clashes with the opposition. There is definitely passion behind such events, especially when the matters are important. But they do not concern the government other than local law enforcement who must keep the peace or politicians charged with finding money to clean up the mess. For the most part, our voices are barely heard and ignored when they are.

As long as the people remain impotent at the hand of government, we will never be able to discover truths being hidden from us. “Storm Area 51” was a farce that set their own movement back by decades.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Conspiracy Theory

The clock is ticking on climate change… alarmists



The clock is ticking on climate change alarmists

The world is going to end in ten years. The world has been ten years away from ending for the last four decades. And yet, here we are.

I’m not one of those who denies we need to be better stewards of this world. We are trashing the planet that God gave us, oftentimes in ways that no longer make sense. Whether or not these actions are actively changing the climate is for smarter people than me to debate, but I’ve suffered through too many doomsday predictions to give any credence to hypothetical timetables. Invariably, these doomsdayers have been proven wrong as their predictions fail miserably.

Those who say we need to take radical action to preserve the environment are making empty, political threats whether they realize it or not. Most are indoctrinated. Some are fully aware they’re using the politics of climate change to advance their economic and power-grabbing agenda.

Those who say we need to find solutions to improve conditions in the world for humans, animals, and plants are correct. There are old practices that need to change, new practices that need to be adopted, and problems that need to be solved. We need to address these issues in a systematic way. But not because of climate change. Not because of the doomsdayers.

Advancing human society, protecting vulnerable aspects of the environment, and making the world a cleaner place for all to live are righteous goals that are being subverted by climate change alarmists. Instead of a systematic, pragmatic approach to improving conditions, they want to force-feed sweeping authoritarian changes into the world. The indoctrinated masses are behind the climate change puppetmasters like sheep being led to the slaughter.

Before I get into the real agenda of the climate change puppetmasters, let’s look at actual solutions for protecting the environment that should be implemented through the proper course of an advancing society.

Clean energy that makes sense

I am very much in favor of expanding research into renewable energy sources that will EVENTUALLY replace fossil fuels when it makes fiscal sense. Today, that’s not the case. Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy collection are all still terribly inefficient. Moreover, they require resources such as large swaths of land for wind, expensive projects for geothermal and hydroelectric, and rare components for solar that could be used better.

We know we can collect and store energy. We just haven’t figured out how to do it efficiently yet. Trying to force the issue before it’s time is silly. The problems of finite fossil fuels have been identified and we must move towards solutions that will ween us off their use. But we must do so in a way that makes sense. We must be practical. Setting arbitrary time limits based on false doomsday predictions is idiotic.

Instead of expensive projects to prematurely collect renewable energy inefficiently, we should be focusing on improving the collection process. Why are we building massive wind farms and solar arrays using stage-one technology? We know we can do it better if we have the patience to let the technology blossom. But the technology isn’t ready. It’s too expensive. It’s inefficient at best, ineffective at worst. Much of the renewable energy infrastructure will have to be replaced once better technology is discovered and developed.

Pushing for mass clean energy initiatives now is like picking fruit before it’s ripe. We need to let the technology guide the politics, not the other way around.

Potable water is shockingly ignored

The biggest environmental problem we face is the one few climate activists ever address. Clean drinking water is genuinely difficult to find in many populated areas of the world. If there’s a reason to sound an environmental alarm, this is the one. Unfortunately, the alarm bells over fossil fuels, cows, and carbon emissions drown out the real challenges people are facing today with potable water.

Eliminating plastic straws will not give water to those who need it in Africa. Replacing ten million SUVs with Priuses will not end the drought in southeast Asia. It’s the ultimate con-job that climate alarmists point to people needing water as a reason for their alarms while they do absolutely nothing to help these people get the water they need. Keep in mind, the problem with potable water existed long before climate change became an issue, which is why the alarmists do nothing to address the issue.

More people will die today from lack of potable water than any of the alleged climate change catastrophes that happen this year. Yet the problem is ignored. It’s just not politically expedient for the doomsdayers to address an issue that preexisted their doomsday claims.

Again, we must turn to technology. But this time it’s not a matter of technology needing to be created through research. The technology exists. Instead, we need to apply funding to make the technology readily available to those who need it. The money spent promoting climate change propaganda would go a long way towards a desalination and filtration infrastructure that would bring clean drinking water to the billions who need it. The solutions are staring us in the face, but we’re too busy trying to cut carbon emissions.

Cleaner world through federalism

I’ve long called for the Environmental Protection Agency to be abolished. It’s a regulatory nightmare that stands in the way of progress so virtue-signalling bureaucrats can say they’re doing something. Instead of an EPA, we need to turn to local communities. States, counties, cities, and communities can go a long way towards cleaning up the mess we humans are making of this world if the challenge is presented at those levels rather than at a national level.

Instead of wasting billions of dollars on an environmental nanny, we should empower and encourage communities to go to work for themselves. Imagine if the money spent on studies about the delta smelt’s habitat was instead spent on building local efforts to promote recycling. We could kill two birds with one stone by helping homeless people. In Little Rock, Arkansas, the city is paying homeless people to pick up trash.

Let’s eliminate the federal virtue-signaling agency and replace it with localized efforts. Empower the lower governments to experiment with ways to make our nation cleaner. This would yield real results instead of obtuse and unnecessary regulations.

The truth about climate change alarmists

Climate change actions such as the Green New Deal are all about transforming the economic and governmental systems of this nation and the world. Climate change itself is simply the engine these Marxists are using to get the masses riled up.

It’s a powerful vehicle for them because we have years of indoctrination in schools, propaganda in the media, and an array of false (political) science studies that have been tilted for nefarious reasons. They use fear to promote their agenda, and frankly I’m extremely concerned we may be beyond the point of no return. Too many Americans have fallen for the ruse. But the clock is ticking. As long as we continue fighting their agenda, the false claims will be proven to be nothing more than doomsday political machinations of forces bent on our nation’s destruction.

There are two types of climate change alarmists: The indoctrinated Americans, such as those in the #ClimateStrike, and the authoritarian puppetmasters using climate change as a pedestal to push their political agenda. They must be exposed.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Conspiracy Theory

US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real



US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real

The truth is out there. We’re just not being told what that truth is.

The United States Navy confirmed yesterday that footage published two years ago by the NY Times allegedly leaked by naval aviators is, indeed, real footage. They also said that these “unidentified aerial phenomena” are inexplicable at this time.

Whether that’s the truth or not, we won’t be told. Some stick to the usual theory that they’re alien spacecrafts. More recently, there are suggestions they aren’t from another world but from a different dimension, allowing for the way they’re able to seemingly break the laws of physics. Some have pointed fingers at China or Russia as possessing the technology to operate such vehicles, and many assume that the United States has this technology or better as well.

Personally, I see the way these events are handled by the media and military and assume that these are actually some sort of demonic creations, perhaps with higher beings guiding men to create them. The purposes could be many, but one important one is to drive men’s imaginations wild in a way that brings us further from the truth of the Bible.

Regardless of what they actually are, it’s good to know they’re at least being acknowledged by the military. This is much better than being told they’re weather balloons or high-tech drones the size of school buses.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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