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Abortion rates are going down, but Planned Parenthood’s numbers are going up



Abortion rates are going down but Planned Parenthoods numbers are going up

It is hard for pro-life Americans to celebrate “positive strides” in the fight for life and the rights of preborn babies when there are still so many performed. Nevertheless, the latest statistics from 2015 show a decline in overall abortions performed. Sadly, this decline only brought the total down to 638,169, which is more than the entire population of Baltimore, Maryland.

Over half of those abortions were performed by Planned Parenthood, which actually increased its totals year-over-year to 328,348, as Alexandra DeSanctis reported on National Review.

Planned Parenthood & Abortion — National Rate Decreased but Planned Parenthood’s Market Share Grew the same time, though, these new data reveal that, as the U.S. abortion rate has dropped, “women’s health-care provider” Planned Parenthood’s share of the abortion market has grown. According to the CDC, there were 652,639 abortions reported in the U.S. in 2014. That same year, Planned Parenthood reported performing 323,999 abortions.

Then, when the number of abortions nationwide shrunk to 638,169 in 2015, Planned Parenthood’s abortion business expanded. The group’s own annual report indicates that its clinics provided 328,348 abortions over the course of 2015, amounting to more than half of all the officially reported abortions in the U.S.

My Take

There are many contributing factors to Planned Parenthood’s proficiency in killing preborn babies. Many smaller clinics are closing. Planned Parenthood is the biggest pro-abortion fundraiser in the nation, and while much of their money goes directly to helping Democrats get elected, it’s still just a drop in the bucket compared to how much they actually get.

And yet, they still receive taxpayer dollars.

Even if we take away the faith-based or moral reasons to support life, we cannot abandon the Constitutional protections given to Americans or the scientific data that points to preborn personhood. Until abortion rates are near zero, we should not celebrate.