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Media blames Trump for ‘gassing children,’ neglects to point out where the real blame lies



Media blames Trump for gassing children neglects to point out where the real blame lies

When children aren’t being educated properly, leftists blame the schools and teachers. When children get their hands on guns, leftists blame gun laws. When children are exposed to tear gas at the border, leftists blame President Trump.

The only people the left rarely blames for anything associated with children are the very people that deserve nearly all the blame every time: the parents.

Children who are put in harm’s way by being used for photo-ops in leftist propaganda are there because their parents put them there. Period. The left can blame society, the President, climate change, Republicans, pro-lifers, Amazon, border patrol agents, capitalism, or the Loch Ness Monster, but they’ll never ask a migrant mother why she didn’t accept the generous offer made by the Mexican government to grant her and her children asylum.

Democrats and mainstream media claim these migrant families are oppressed people from Central America seeking safety, jobs, education, healthcare, shelter, food, and asylum. Mexico has offered them safety, jobs, education, healthcare, shelter, and food if they’re willing to accept asylum.

The parents of these children whose pictures have been plastered all over news reports and across social media willfully chose to turn down the incredible kindness offered to them by Mexico. These same parents felt the right thing to do for their children was to storm the border in broad daylight in hopes they’ll get seen in videos or high-resolution photos that will compel the American people to back their plight.

What is their plight? It’s not asylum they seek. They’ve already declined that offer. They want opportunity, but Mexico’s opportunity isn’t good enough. They feel entitled to receive the best opportunity in the world in America and they refuse to go through the lawful process of making that happen.

In case anyone thinks I’m being too harsh, let me be clear: I want them to apply for asylum. They’ve traveled a great distance to have their shot at the American dream and I hope every single one of them is able to apply. I hope those who are truly oppressed with no other options are able to come into the country legally and participate in making this nation stronger. As a legal immigrant, I am not opposed to migrants taking a shot at becoming part of our country.

But they have to do it legally. They need to follow the process. They should wait in Mexico until they can apply. Then they should wait in Mexico until their application is approved by a judge. Then they can come in.

If the parents of these children followed the lawful asylum process or if they accepted the asylum that Mexico has offered them, their children wouldn’t have been in harm’s way. They chose to use their children for PR purposes. The parents are to blame.