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President Trump will keep migrants in Mexico one way or the other



President Trump will keep migrants in Mexico one way or the other

President Trump has been trying to get the various migrant caravans heading to or already at the US-Mexico border since news broke they were heading our way nearly two months ago. Now that many of them are just on the other side of the border waiting to get in, the President wants one thing and he has two ways to do it.

His goal is to keep them in Mexico while they await trials for asylum. Today, the standard procedure is to catch them, let them ask for asylum, then release them while they “wait” for their trial. These trials can be months, perhaps years in the future, during which times the asylum-seekers are roaming the country. A majority never go to their trial. They’re lost in the mix.

To accomplish his goal, he has a plan and a backup plan. The plan is to cut a deal with Mexico to keep them while they wait for their trial. This has gone through various degrees of finality, starting off at definitely not going to happen, then quickly shifting to done deal before landing where we are today – still working out the details.

The backup plan is an ominous threat to close the border altogether.

Either way works for me. As long as we allow the migrants to apply for asylum but not roam free in the United States until their request makes it to court, I’m good with whatever it takes to make it happen.