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Coulter: ‘This omnibus bill is the last chance’ to secure our border



Conservative author Ann Coulter has been both President Trump’s biggest supporter and his toughest critic. She literally wrote the book on on supporting him while quickly turning against the President when his border security promises went unfulfilled, including building the wall.

She went on Jeanine Pirro on Fox News to discuss the latest developments at the border surrounding the migrant caravan trying to get into the country. Coulter tried to discuss the upcoming omnibus bill in which the President has asked for $5 billion to get going on the wall. Unfortunately, Pirro badgered her throughout, so we didn’t get to hear much about it.

A quick statement made by Coulter was interesting. She said this bill is “the last chance” we have to get the wall built. Is she right? With 2020 elections not far away and wall construction that’s gone nowhere fast, she just might be correct.