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Laura Loomer’s suspension shows inconsistency at Twitter



Laura Loomers suspension shows inconsistency at Twitter

Far-right provocateur Laura Loomer has been suspended by Twitter. The polarizing journalist is known for heated clashes with leftists and those who defend Sharia, the religious law derived from the precepts of Islamic beliefs defined in the Quran and the Hadith.

Some say Loomer, who is Jewish, goes too far with her attacks, labeling her as alt-right. Others say she’s spot on with her assessments. Apparently, Twitter has found a reason to permanently suspend her:

Laura Loomer Tweet

Many top conservatives on Twitter are avoiding the issue. Loomer is a polarizing figure. Some may agree with what she says, but they don’t want to be seen supporting a messenger who has been labeled as “the fringe.”

Others are standing against Twitters systematic censorship of conservatives.

“Once again Twitter has suspended a prominent conservative voices,” said Jack Posobiec, a host at conservative news channel One American News Network. “I looked at her Tweet myself, and Laura was speaking out against antisemitism. Why would Twitter suspend someone for doing that? This raises serious freedom of speech issues that are only going to get worse if they are not addressed.”

A favorite topic of Loomer’s has been the anti-Israel and antisemitic preferences of various media institutions. She has pointed to the hypocrisy practiced by mainstream media outlets, social media companies, and leftist activists who allow or even defend Islamic personalities that embrace sharia law while denouncing pro-Israel voices. Documentary filmmaker and fellow provocateur Mike Cernovich has a theory about why this is.

“The far left hates Israel. Simple and as tragic as that,” he said.

My Take

The “alt-right” label has become a powerful weapon wielded by the left to demonize conservative voices by association. It has become a broad label, taking strong conservatives who do not embrace bigotry and lumping them in with white supremacists, misogynists, and hatemongers. When someone is labeled as “alt-right,” it’s assumed they’re racist, sexist, and hateful.

This weapon is used most adeptly by social media companies. They follow the trends of labeling through their own platform and bow to the leftist personalities who dish out the label. Once a person is on their radar, companies like Twitter seek the first opportunity to silence them.

The definition of “alt-right” is a moving target. My definition is narrow – those who justify bigotry for whatever reason suits them. It seems that social media is defining it as anyone on the far-right politically, though the label is creeping closer to the center every day and is being applied to people who have never displayed or supported bigotry.

Concern over the migrant caravans is not bigotry. Fears of radical Islamic terrorism is not bigotry. Speaking out against sharia law is not bigotry. In fact, sharia law is quite possibly the most bigoted popular ideology in the world today.

We cannot have the necessary conversations if voices are quashed. If Twitter wants to suspend Loomer, that’s their right, but they have to be consistent. Targeting only voices on the right while ignoring hate from the left is disingenuous and hypocritical.