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Michael Avenatti’s ex-girlfriend Mareli Miniutti is learning the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party



Michael Avenattis ex-girlfriend Mareli Miniutti is learning the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party

Generalizing is rarely a good idea, especially when it’s done in regards to group as large as one of the major political parties in the United States. But when a woman is being demonized by members of one party, it can seem like the whole party is against her. It’s especially hurtful when the party is supposed be the one that supports that woman’s cause.

Actress Mareli Miniutti wants to be believed. She’s a woman making an accusation of violence against a powerful man. This is the type of situation the Democratic Party is supposed to support. They are the party that “believes all women.” Miniutti is quickly learning that the motto doesn’t apply if the man being accused is a powerful Democrat.

She won a temporary restraining order against Avenatti following an incident where he allegedly dragged her out of bed and across the floor before throwing her out of the apartment they shared while she was in her underwear. Later, she discovered marks on her body from the incident and called the police.

Avenatti was arrested the next day. Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has transferred the investigation to the Los Angeles City Attorney, a move that Avenatti is claiming as vindication.

My Take

We’ve seen a very similar incident unfolding recently. Karen Monahan accused former DNC vice-chair Keith Ellison of abuse. Like Miniutti, Monahan’s story didn’t receive the same “believe all women” treatment that Democrats preach but don’t apply when the accusations are against a powerful man in their own ranks. Ellison won his election and is now the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Democrats continue to demonstrate with their reactions and cover ups that their real motto is, “Believe all women unless they accuse powerful male Democrats.” Miniutti deserves to be heard. Instead, she’s getting viciously attacked by the left.