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Jailbreak push, GOP leadership puts Daniel Horowitz in rare form



Jailbreak push, GOP leadership puts Daniel Horowitz in rare form

If you want to be disgusted with what’s happening in America, just listen to or read Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review. He sees the things that are being done by both Republicans and Democrats and it doesn’t make him happy.

The latest example of lunacy comes in the form of a push for felons to be released early as part of criminal justice reform, better known as opposition to law and order.

Congress set to push early release for gun felons and heroin traffickers legislation will retroactively release drug traffickers and gun felons from federal prison. Moreover, many of these people are foreign nationals who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place. In all my time in politics, I’ve never seen a more self-destroying policy move at the worst time, directed at the most important demographic.

As of now, the plan is to combine the House-passed “First Step Act,” which provides numerous back-end early release credits for federal prisoners, together with most of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s front-end sentencing reductions in one “compromise” piece of legislation.

For good measure, he added a small rant about how Republicans are passing up on Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) in favor of moderate Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

“The only thing dumber than House Republicans responding to the electoral loss by picking Kevin McCarthy as their minority leader is to pass this piece of jailbreak after losing suburban voters.”