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Mike Lee’s solution for migrant caravans makes absolutely perfect sense



Mike Lees solution for migrant caravans makes absolutely perfect sense

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is in Mexico and will be heading to Guatemala shortly. His goal is to hammer out a “safe third-country agreement” that will solve the migrant caravan problem in the most obvious way possible.

For weeks, conservatives have been questioning the motives of people in the migrant caravans crossing through Mexico in their trek to the United States border. Mexico offered all of them asylum, jobs, education, healthcare, and shelter, which is allegedly what they wanted in the first place. Very few have accepted the generous offer.

Now Lee is working with Mexican and Guatemalan officials to put in place a “safe third-country agreement” similar to the one we currently have with Canada. In it, anyone seeking asylum must ask for it from whichever nation they enter first. That means anyone coming through Mexico from Central America will not be allowed to seek asylum in the United States unless they first apply and are rejected by Mexico.

“This wave of caravans is enormous and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen, in terms of magnitude,” Lee told the Deseret News  Thursday. “The subjective intent of any one individual or large group of people, that’s very difficult to predict exactly. A large group of people disregarding the law of the country they are entering, there’s a fear they might disregard our laws as well.”

Incoming Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has said he wants people from Central America to come to Mexico, join the workforce, and become permanent residents.

This plan would not affect the current migrant caravans even if it were somehow agreed upon today. But President Trump has already initiated a partial solution by prohibiting people from applying for asylum if they cross into America any way other than through a designated port of entry.

Lee’s plan would eliminate reasons for future caravans to attempt entry through Mexico.

It’s not a new idea. In fact, it’s shocking a safe third-country agreement wasn’t initiated before. If Senator Lee or President Trump can make this happen, both Americans and asylum seekers will be safer as a result. This is a near-perfect proposition.


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