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Guns and Crime

Maryland’s red flag gun law claims its first victim: Gary J. Willis



Marylands red flag gun law claims its first victim Gary J Willis

Gun confiscations under Maryland’s new Extreme Risk Protective Orders, better known as their “Red Flag Gun Law,” claimed their first victim. 61-year-old Gary J. Willis was shot and killed at his home while police were serving a protective order to confiscate his firearms.

Under the new law, which took effect last month, gun owners can have their firearms confiscated through a judge’s order if they are deemed a risk to themselves or others. To be deemed a risk, someone must file a petition with the court. It can be law enforcement, a health professional, spouse, family member, past or present boyfriend or girlfriend, or a current or former legal guardian.

According to reports, Willis answered the door with a firearm in his hand when two police officers went to serve the order shortly after 5 am. He put the gun down, but when the officers served the order he became “irate” and grabbed his gun. One officer tried to take the gun from him but a shot was fired. The other officer shot Willis. He died at the scene. Neither officer nor anyone else in the house was injured.

In a bizarre spin from police, Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare used this incident as an example of the law working.

“If you look at this morning’s outcome, it’s tough for us to say ‘Well, what did we prevent?’” he said. “Because we don’t know what we prevented or could’ve prevented. What would’ve happened if we didn’t go there at 5 a.m.?”

My Take

There have only been nine attempts to serve these orders since the law was enacted on October 1. That’s an 11% kill rate on people who may commit a crime in the future.

Maryland’s law is being hailed by many as the prototype for the nation. It isn’t the first but it’s the strongest to date with the widest range of people who can petition the court for action.

All it takes is a good story and a sympathetic judge to take away someone’s guns. In this case, it was a relative of the deceased who filed the petition after an incident that occurred in the beginning of the week. We don’t know the details so there’s no way to judge, but the notion that this incident is proof the law is working is the type of circular reasoning gungrabbers will use to encourage more confiscations.

Maryland officials claim around half of the petitions so far have been approved. That’s a staggering amount for a law that was allegedly intended to be used very cautiously. At the rate they’re being filed, over 600 gun owners will have their firearms confiscated in the first year alone.

What makes this law so dangerous is the fear of missing a shooter. No judge wants to be the first to deny a petition for someone who later commits acts of violence with a firearm. That’s why around half have been granted; if the reasons seem compelling, judges are going to side with the petitioner and force the gun owner to sort it out later in court.

It’s also a decision that’s impossible to get wrong. Who’s to say that if the guns weren’t confiscated that the owner wouldn’t have gone out and harmed themselves or others.

Gun violence in general and mass shootings in particular, such as the Capital Gazette shooting that prompted support for Maryland’s red flag gun law, have many people grasping for solutions. The fear of such events put people in the vulnerable frame of mind of accepting such laws for their own protection.

Laws like these will not help. A closer examination of shooters in recent years indicate trends of expressed anger, mental illness, and isolationist behavior. It seems nearly universal among shooters, especially those who commit premeditated attacks. Unfortunately, these traits are also found in millions of other Americans who would never commit such crimes.

Like I said, all it takes is a good story and a sympathetic judge to take away someone’s rights in Maryland.

Gary J. Willis isn’t dead because he tried to shoot someone. He is dead because someone convinced a judge that he might shoot someone, and now police are hailing this as a success. The PreCrime Departments are pleased with the results.

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  1. smok3r

    November 9, 2018 at 5:58 pm

    There’s been 114 attempts since law was enacted on oct 1 2018. correct the story please. Whats next… you’re a conservative we’re here to confiscate your gun. What you supported Trump… turn em over

    • JD Rucker

      November 9, 2018 at 6:00 pm

      There have been 114 applications. Around half approved. Nine attempts to issue and secure weapons as of today.

  2. Public Citizen

    November 9, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Anyone banging on my door at 5AM is going to be met in similar fashion,
    Common Sense should dictate that these sort of orders be served during ~normal business hours~.
    The 5AM knock on the door just smacks of Gestapo Tactics and an attempt to provoke a confrontation.
    The brakes can be put on these petitions by making the petitioner liable for all legal consequences, be they civil or criminal, that derive from the petition. That should include both any potential financial and potential jail time that arises.

    • Goddess

      November 25, 2018 at 11:15 pm

      I agree. It is a self fulfilling prophecy

    • bob

      March 31, 2019 at 2:20 pm

      ur a moron

    • bob

      March 31, 2019 at 2:25 pm

      try to shoot a cop and see what happens – are you mafia? or what kind of criminal

  3. Bystander Shaking His Head

    November 11, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    A law is created to prevent someone from being murdered by a firearm – during the process of enforcing the law, someone is murdered with a firearm. Maybe there needs to be an additional law made that makes murder more illegal – because the only way to curb gun violence is to make more laws.

  4. Aubrey Clark

    November 12, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    What nobody is mentioning is the REASON the Red Flag Law was enacted on him in the first place???

  5. Harry Tuttle

    November 15, 2018 at 8:47 am

    5am???? I’d come to the door armed too.

    Why the hell would cops come to the door at 5am to take a persons gun unless they knew the law is unconstitutional.

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  17. Barbara Cloud

    January 30, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    A family member filed a petition in court, Judge approved it, an order was issued and these police officers had to go out to the home and serve it and confiscate the gun. So the reporter says he’s dead because a family member convinced a Judge he was mentally unstable and that’s why he died, no he died because he became enraged after being served with the order and got into a physical confrontation with an officer and shot the gun. Think about it, maybe his family member was right about his mental instability and unfortunately this story had a very bad ending

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Guns and Crime

Thomas Massie exposes the many problems with Red Flag Gun Laws



Thomas Massie exposes the many problems with Red Flag Gun Laws

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) has been a staunch proponent of the 2nd Amendment throughout his career in Washington DC. This makes him an opponent to Red Flag Gun Laws which are spreading across the states. Colorado recently passed their version, bringing the total up to 15.

As we’ve documented numerous times, Red Flag Gun Laws are a direct attack on the 2nd and 4th Amendments. Depending on the version of the law, citizens can have their firearms forcibly removed from them by law enforcement when a judge decrees they may be a threat to themselves or others based on requests by people who know the victim. It’s important to understand that these laws are not based on anyone committing a crime. They are based on a feeling that someone may commit a crime.

It’s like the movie Minority Report, only without psychics. Gun owners’ liberties can be encroached based on the government’s “future crimes division.”

In this video, Massey gets to the heart of the matter by talking to Colorado Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and Dr. John R. Lott of Crime Prevention Research Center. This is an important video for #2A proponents across the nation.

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Guns and Crime

Illegal alien Billy Chemirmir charged in 12 murders, was never ordered for deportation



Illegal alien Billy Chemirmir charged in 12 murders was never ordered for deportation

It may be more difficult than it should be to deport illegal immigrants in America, but when they are convicted of crimes, it’s a realistic expectation that they should be deported, especially when they’re arrested in a state like Texas. But that wasn’t the case with Billy Chemirmir who was arrested four times without deportation. Now, he’s being charged with a dozen murders.

The 46-year-old Kenyan national had been arrested for DWI twice, criminal trespassing, and domestic assault, yet he was not deported. His last arrest in 2018 was for murder. Now, 11 more charges have been handed to him, all surrounding the murders of elderly women.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told The Daily Caller that an immigration detainer for Chemirmir was filed with Dallas County Jail in March 2018, but that he’s not currently in the agency’s custody.


I’m truly at a loss for words on this case. It’s not like he was hiding under a rock, undetected by law enforcement. It’s not like they didn’t know he was an illegal immigrant. And it’s not like this happened in a sanctuary city. This happened in Texas. He was arrested four times. Yet he was still allowed to roam, work, and allegedly commit murder.

It’s important to note that this is not a case of our porous southern border. Records are unclear of how he came to live and work in America in the first place, but if it was another case of visa overstay, then this will be a slightly different case than we’ve seen in recent weeks. He wasn’t a gang member who came over with migrants. This goes to show that those in the country illegally all need to be examined more closely. We have enough issues with citizens committing crimes. We don’t need even more criminals on the streets.


“This guy should’ve been detected but wasn’t. In our case, they had him just wandering around the apartment for three hours.” – Richard Arnold, Lawyer for a Victim’s Family

Final Thoughts

If we aren’t deporting illegal immigrants who have been arrested four times in Texas, how can we expect any criminal illegal aliens to be deported? The system is broken. We need to rethink everything about immigration.

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Guns and Crime

‘Serial rapist’ DREAMer Carlos Eduardo confesses to Houston area sexual assaults



Serial rapist DREAMer Carlos Eduardo confesses to Houston area sexual assaults

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order by President Obama has a new set of victims as a Houston man has confessed to two rapes and one attempted rape.

Carlos Eduardo, 18, confessed to following women home from a 24-hour gym, then forcing them by gunpoint into his car. He would then drive them to an isolated location and sexually assault them, according to police.

“He would sit in the parking lot and watch them walk to their cars,” said Chief Josh Bruegger from the Pasadena Police Department.

An anonymous tip led police to Eduardo’s conspicuous lime green Ford Mustang. It appeared he was attempting to change the appearance of the vehicle after CCTV video was released with his vehicle visible.


One would be hard pressed to find a mainstream media report even mentioning Eduardo’s immigration status. The left is losing the narrative on the border crisis and other elements of the illegal immigration problem, so the last thing they want to lose is the final remnant of positive credibility they have with DACA.

In other words, they need the perceptions of DREAMers to stay clean.

To be fair, the rates of crimes committed by DREAMers is not noticeably higher than crimes committed by American citizens in the same age groups and locations, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve increased crime levels by virtue of their presence in America. Currently, there’s nothing that can be done to demonstrate how crime rates can be reduced because DREAMers are at the bottom of the priority list for most opponents of illegal immigration.

And maybe that’s how it should be.

I’d almost be willing to forget about DACA altogether if we could simply stop the flow of illegal immigrants currently entering the country. Almost. People like Eduardo are a stark reminder that not all DREAMers are innocent, worthy contributors to American society.


“I believe this was the beginning of a serial rapist. We have three cases. Any time you have that, it scares the community, and it should. That’s really why I wanted this to be a priority. I have a wife, I have daughters; this is the last thing you want out there is a serial rapist on the streets.” – Chief Josh Bruegger

Final Thoughts

This is just another angle of the multi-headed monster of illegal immigration. Border security, asylum loopholes, visa overstays, and the lack of a wall are all problems, but let’s not forget DACA still looms over America.

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