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Any Democrat that didn’t denounce Keith Ellison can no longer say ‘believe women’



Any Democrat that didnt denounce Keith Ellison can no longer say believe women

Keith Ellison won his election to become the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Keith Ellison was accused by his ex-girlfriend, a fellow Democrat, of abuse.

Keith Ellison and everyone who supported him, including many prominent Democratic politicians, are hypocrites any time they utter the words, “believe women.”

Despite much more corroboration for Ellison’s accuser than any of the remaining accusers of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the DNC refused to believe her. Most Democratic politicians refused to believe her. A majority of Minnesota voters either refused to believe her or chose to ignore her.

In particular, DNC Chairman Tom Perez and the leaders of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party should be viewed with contempt by the entire #MeToo movement over their unabashed support. They commissioned an “independent” investigation into the allegations which was performed by a long-time contributor to the party, a woman who worked at a firm that was a major donor to the party.


Karen Monahan was intimidated and abused by more than Keith Ellison. The Democratic establishment, people she used to trust, intimidated and abused her as well. “Believe women,” unless they accuse a powerful minority Democrat before an election.


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