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BBC drops teaser to get us back in the Luther frame of mind



BBC drops teaser to get us back in the Luther frame of mind

Three years ago, fans of the BBC show Luther were teased with the potential for another season of the British cop drama. The two-episode season 4 dropped a week before Christmas and left it wide open for future installments. Then, they didn’t come.

Rumors of a new season were finally confirmed earlier this year and fans have waited impatiently ever since. Now, we have part of a scene that teases us back into the frame of mind required to fully enjoy Idris Elba in the role he perfected. Three years is a long time for fans of a show, after all, and Luther is the type of show that requires the appropriate mood.

Here’s the teaser:

No word yet on when the show will be released but this teaser is encouraging. The last season was released in mid-December, 2015.

Fans will be drawn back into the investigate-by-the-seat-of-his-pants style that drive’s Luther’s world. Those who haven’t seen it yet… well, just see it. Start binging now and don’t come up for air until you’re fully enthralled.


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