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Jim Acosta really is an idiot



Jim Acosta really is an idiot

I’m not a fan of the President going after the press all the time. That’s not to say he’s not justified based upon their treatment of him, but it simply doesn’t behoove him or the nation when he brings it up all the time. When they strike first and prove his point, how he reacts to them is definitely acceptable.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is an idiot. Every time he has the mic it’s a an opportunity for the narcissist to say, “Look at me, I’m defiant, I’m the Resistance!” He did it again today and the President handled it well.

Acosta feels it’s his responsibility to be a debater instead of a journalist. That’s fine. Take away his White House press credentials and let him debate guests on his own CNN opinion show. Get him out of the “reporting” business.