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Karen Handel: Journalism isn’t journalism any more



Karen Handel Journalism isn't journalism any more

Representative Karen Handel (R-GA) has already faced a very tough election that drew national attention. She’s in the middle of another one and mainstream media is doing everything they can to keep her from winning.

They lost one. They don’t want to lose to her again.

Her sincerity and the fact she’s run a clean race is not being rewarded by the press.

“I don’t think it is just in the world of politics. The lack of civility in society as a whole, some of it, I believe, is very much fueled by social media and frankly, it’s fueled by the fact that journalism is not journalism any more.”

Georgia will help determine if America moves forward with a positive agenda that has yielded a booming economy, or if we’re going to stall progress for the sake of leftists’ hurt feelings. America needs Karen Handel in the House of Representatives.