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Being in favor of legal immigration means being opposed to illegal immigration



Being in favor of legal immigration means being opposed to illegal immigration

Most Democrats want to have it both ways. They want to to have their cake and eat it too. They want to get legal immigrants to vote for them while also supporting illegal immigration through the open borders policies that are rampant in the party now more than ever.

It doesn’t work that way. Illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants more than it hurts anyone else in America. Legal and illegal immigrants often settle in the same areas. They are therefore fighting for the same jobs. They receive the same scrutiny; the prevalence of illegal immigrants forces law enforcement to determine residency status in places where such things are allowed. They fight for the benefits given in schools, hospitals, and public services, but the legal immigrants are paying taxes to fund these things while their illegal immigrant counterparts do not.

This is why an increasing number of legal immigrants are supportive of Republican efforts to stop illegal immigration. They’re the ones getting hurt the most by Democratic policies.

Most Americans on both sides of the political aisle who are opposed to illegal immigration are in favor of legal immigration. We want the “best people,” as President Trump often calls them, to come to our nation and contribute to the prosperity that is abundant and growing in our country. Legal immigrants do amazing things for America. We need them to keep coming.

I’m not so naive to believe everyone who is against illegal immigration is also in favor of legal immigration. There are plenty of Americans who are against any form of immigration, legal or not. Thankfully, that is a very minuscule amount. Mainstream media and their leftist puppeteers would have you believe all conservatives are against legal immigration. This is a bald faced lie.

But we cannot have proper immigration reform until we address the problem of illegal immigration. We need to increase the number of legal immigrants, improve the screening process of those wanting to live permanently in the United States, and attract the types of people who will come here to both contribute to the greater good and assimilate to the American way of life. None of this is possible while illegal immigration is so rampant.

As you prepare to vote on Tuesday, look to the south at the migrant caravans forming weekly and trekking towards our border with the intention of breaching it. Look to Europe, where rampant illegal immigration has fundamentally changed those countries that temporarily embraced open borders policies without understanding the dangers it brought to their citizens. Look at Mexico which is doing many things to offer safe haven for asylum seekers, but is getting rejected by a vast majority who would prefer to take their chances of getting caught in America than to build their lives legally in Mexico.

The economy is booming, but illegal immigration has been made into the real driving force for this election. So be it. Let’s vote the right way for Republicans in favor of legal immigration instead of Democrats in favor of illegal immigration.