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Starbucks unveils holiday cups and nobody should freak out



Starbucks unveils holiday cups and nobody should freak out

Three years ago, Starbucks inadvertently started the annual tradition of conservatives bashing them for no longer showing Christmas themes on the cups they serve their coffee in during the holiday season. This year’s cups just got released and I’m going to echo what I’ve said the last three years: pick your battles.

Christian-conservatives have been talking about the war on Christmas for years. Starbucks wasn’t the first to wage it but they’re a high-profile company that abandoned traditional holiday season marketing for the modern day “happy holidays” generic messaging. Just as I’ll defend our rights as Christian-conservatives to be offended, I’ll continue to defend a private company’s rights to express their holiday greetings any way they choose.

This year, they chose to embrace more of a traditional approach to the cups. Some Christian conservatives are already cheering.

Starbucks Unveils This Year’s Christmas Cups: ‘We Listened’ coffee company unveiled four holiday-themed cup patterns Thursday morning, and those concerned about the so-called “War on Christmas” will be very pleased with the designs.

“We listened to our customers,” Roz Brewer, chief operating officer for Starbucks, said in a statement, according to CNN, noting so many of the café’s patrons “loved the tradition of Christmas.”

Does this mean the war on Christmas is over? No. But I’ll also point out that we need to pick our battles. There are many things to be offended and speak out about in a society that is lurching to the left. Political correctness is rampant and discouraging, but here’s the thing. Any efforts spent battling with Starbucks or other private companies over their choices are efforts that should be spent on real issues like abortion, illegal immigration, government-run healthcare, or attacks on our economic system.

In short, Starbucks isn’t worth our efforts or attention. They have some Christmas-themed holiday cups now. Maybe next year they won’t. Big deal. It’s not their job to spread the Gospel or defend against socialism. It’s ours.