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CNN editor-at-large already has President Trump’s post-election speech prepared



CNN editor-at-large already has President Trumps post-election speech prepared

If Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives as most analysts are predicting, CNN will be giddy. In fact, some at the “news” network already are. They’re claiming to be using a different crystal ball than the one that embarrassed them in 2016 to know with near certainty that the blue wave they’ve been hoping for will shift control of the House to the Democrats.

Chris Cillizza, a CNN editor-at-large, has been a harsh opponent of the President’s since well before he was President. He can’t wait until the election to poke fun at a man that he despises. He even went so far as to predict what the President will say when the House is no longer under the control of his party.

We don’t link to CNN, but here’s the speech Cillizza prepared:

“We always knew this was going to be a very tough election. Most presidents have lost huge numbers of seats in the House and Senate. When I first took office, many people said we would lose the House and Senate. And lose them badly. Many presidents have suffered far greater losses in their first midterm election. Remember that we held the Senate yesterday. Maybe if those guys in the House had stuck a little closer to me, we might have held the House too. So true. So, all in all, this election is far better than the fake news media and the so-called experts were saying. And we still have control of the Senate, so important, so we can keep appointing conservatives judges to the federal bench.”

He actually does a nice job of mimicking some of the President’s favorite phrases to insert into speeches. He’s clearly heard many of them.

The problem is that neither polls nor wishful thinking wins elections. Votes do. As important as this election is, one big motivating factor for me to want Republicans to retain control is to see the unhinged responses of media types like Cillizza. Many of them will crumble under the realization that no matter how hard they try, they cannot use their immense power over the thinking of leftists to sway enough of them against the President.

What most in leftist media don’t realize is that they aren’t speaking to the independent-minded people they think they’re reaching. They’re speaking mostly to leftist sycophants who still long for the days when they could blindly follow President Obama down whatever dangerous hole he leads the nation down.

American voters are not necessarily the same people who do polls. This race is not wrapped up. There are very good reasons to believe the GOP will be able to easily retain control of the House. Here are a few…

  • 2016. Never forget how everyone on the left was certain Hillary would be in the White House.
  • Silent Trump supporters. While most Republicans are out making a living and supporting their families, many Democratic voters are home taking polls.
  • Migrant caravans scare more than the media wants to believe. Let’s face it. The left likes to call the President racist for sending troops to the border, but average Americans see a mass of young men trying to enter the country any way they can and it worries them.
  • Many young “activists” don’t bother voting. They’ll Tweet. They’ll bang on the doors of the Supreme Court. They may even verbally attack 9/11 widows. But when it comes to election day, many of them won’t do anything they can’t do on their smartphones. We can’t take for granted that the leftist unhinged among young American voters will stay home, but it’s been a worry for Democrats for a while.
  • Embarrassing media coverage stokes sympathy for Republicans. As mainstream media falls further away from journalistic standards to reveal themselves as partisan hacks, more American voters are getting discouraged. Even Democrats are realizing the media is stacked against the GOP. Nobody likes it when the fifth estate is so clearly biased even if the bias is in their favor.
  • Democrats are uninspiring. There are no Barack Obamas or Bernie Sanders running for office. The Democrats on the ballot are generally milquetoast.

Nobody, not CNN nor Fox News nor me, know what’s going to happen on Tuesday. All we know for sure is that Republican voters need to show up. Bring your friends and family to the polls if you have to. Let’s make CNN eat their own words.