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It takes a village to raise a false narrative



It takes a village to raise a false narrative

The Left finally figures out how to blame Trump for Pittsburgh while blunting the effects of the illegal invasion.

Sometimes it’s quite fascinating to watch a story grow from the ether with the various sources adding their input to the construction until it coalesces and emerges as a theme or trend in it’s own right. In the case of the Pittsburgh shooting, the various factions in the media have struggled to develop a coherent narrative that will properly exploit the issue.

The tragic events of Saturday posed a difficult proposition for the nation’s Left and the national media [but we repeat ourselves]. This was a fine opportunity to capitalise on recent events and distract from the ‘crazy Democrats’ as Claire McCaskill’s campaign termed them. It was two-fold problem for them in exploiting the pain and suffering of others for maximum political advantage:

  1. How can they blame this on President Trump?
  2. How can they blunt the effect of the illegal invasion columns on the midterm election?

Hardly any mention of Gun Confiscation.

Being this close to the midterms, the issue of gun confiscation was almost immediately off the table. Although they did plug their favourite confiscation precursor: Intergalactic Background Checks [Or label variations – Universal, Enhanced or expanded] as usual. The Left certainly knows it’s audience, one can almost hear the whispers ‘Ikes snay on the gun ban ray’ to another who brought up the subject. They know that most people support the common sense human right of self-defense, so trying to deprive people of that right at this point in time was non-starter to be sure. Not that there are still a few pockets where the Left has managed to wring a few more infringements out of the 2nd amendment.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Of course, those words must have echoed in Leftist ears as they strained to come up with an alternative exploitation of a crisis that they helped foster. Their next choice was to use this to denigrate President Trump, but then it came out that the murderer opposed the president. Worse yet, the people involved didn’t want to cooperate in this media narrative. Not that they didn’t try with some very creative headline writing that implies he’s the issue:

Some Pittsburgh residents want Donald Trump to stay away from their city

Trump to visit a Pittsburgh scarred by violence at synagogue

But this wasn’t the case, given the fact that the murderer was anti-trump and that the Rabbi from synagogue wouldn’t take the bait and blame the president.

The next target of opportunity: Free speech.

Having come out of the authoritarian closet as of late, the nation’s Socialist-Left next turned it’s ire to something they despise almost as much the human right of self-defense or the president: Free Speech.

First on the chopping block was the alternative to twitter: Gab. Yes, those who still pretend to be ‘Liberal’ quickly called for it’s suppression in the wake of the crisis. Soon enough, the speech platform’s corporate supporter quickly fled the scene, taking it off line.

That this happened so quickly should give pause to anyone who true champions of Liberty. Recall that it took several weeks in the previous instance for the ‘boom’ to be lowered on those opposition voices to the Left deemed to be unworthy of speaking in the electronic public square. This time around it only took a day or two before the most recent spate of repression to take place.

Never to let ‘Liberal’ label [implying support of Liberty] to stand in their way, Leftists have lined up a new target for their repression after taking down Gab: Instagram Is the Alt-Right’s New Favorite Haven.

Serendipity at last: Blame Trump for the proper words in describing the ‘caravan’

Reference a portion of the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word Invasion:

1.1An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
1.2An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

Clearly, the Left found it’s ‘sweet spot’ in exploiting the mass murder in the Pittsburgh synagogue, use it to deflect the profoundly embarrassing issue of the illegal invasion while blaming the president. Simply tie the use of certain words to the tragedy and Viola! They managed to bring down two birds with one stone, they can attack Trump and certain media sources while going after politically incorrect words at the same time: Pittsburgh suspect echoed talking point that dominated Fox News airwaves.

(CNN)In the search for answers after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, there is newfound scrutiny on the suspect’s social media posts and how his anti-Semitism merged with a hatred of immigrants.

While there is no such invasion happening, this rhetoric has blanketed right-wing media in relation to the Central American migrant caravan that’s been in the news this month.

With this linguistic sleight of hand, they have now denigrated one of the most apt words for what could potentially take place while tying the President to a murderer.

Or there is this story for the Pravda of record: How Trump-Fed Conspiracies About Migrant Caravan Intersect With Deadly Hatred

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. — Alicia Hooten thinks the country has plenty of problems. “So many; so many,” she said warily, before settling on the one at the top of her mind with the midterm election just a week away. “I feel like we’re fighting for our freedom when it comes to our borders.”

She spoke while waiting for President Trump’s campaign rally on Saturday, hours after the deadly shootings in Pittsburgh. Ms. Hooten, a graphic designer from nearby Sparta, Ill., said she was especially concerned about the caravan of migrants in southern Mexico, calling it “a ploy to destroy America, and to bring us to our knees.”

Or this from that paragon of journalistic objectivity: Chris Matthews Suggests Connection Between Trump’s Migrant Caravan Rhetoric, Synagogue Shooting.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews suggested Monday night that the link between President Donald Trump and Saturday’s synagogue shooting need not be explicit to exist.

During the closing minutes of “Hardball,” Matthews, speaking into the camera, argued that, though there is no definitive proof of Trump’s responsibility, his rhetoric may have influenced a shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. In particular, he linked Trump’s critical comments about the migrant “caravan,” a group of thousands moving through Mexico, to the gunman’s decision to murder Jews.

The Takeaway.

There is a vast difference between a conspiratorial plot and a collaborative effort. The present case is very much the latter in the present day national socialist media. One source will posit a narrative, with others seeing it’s effects and efficiency in furthering the cause. Others will follow on with other talking point tests until they all see the perfect solution and push it for all it’s worth.

It doesn’t get any better for the Left when they can use one news story to denigrate their favourite target while blunting that which proves President Trump correct on this issue.

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Joe Biden is considering Stacyy Abrams as his running mate. Why hasn’t he declared yet?



Joe Biden is considering Stacyy Abrams as his running mate Why hasnt he declared yet

The Joe Biden saga keeps getting stranger every week. While most anticipate the former Vice President is going to run for President in 2020, he still hasn’t announced despite most of the major candidates who were expected to run have already made their announcement. Now, a report that his staff is considering asking former Democratic contender for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams continues to add fuel to speculation while also making this whole thing even more strange.

In 2016, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made the rare move of announcing his Vice Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, before securing the nomination. It was a desperate move at a time when his prospects for defeating Donald Trump were fading and it didn’t work out. Biden’s alleged move is very different. He’s ahead in the very early polls even before the first debate, let alone the Iowa caucus. Yet speculating about a potential VP seems out of place, just like everything else in this whole debacle.

My theory is he’s trying to minimize the potential attack channels by cautiously field-testing everything first. By gathering data without officially announcing a run, he has the luxury of riding the speculation train as long as he can. He would be the instant frontrunner if he were to announce, but if history tells us anything, frontrunner status rarely means much. Hillary Clinton was the frontrunner from beginning to end in 2016, but even then the speculation of a late run by Biden was appealing to many Democrats.

Biden likely fears being the early frontrunner will generate fatigue for his name being tossed around so often. It’s still early; at this point in 2015, only one major GOP candidate, Cruz, had officially announced his run. Biden wants to ride the speculation as long as possible knowing once he’s officially in, he’s open to attacks. Just as his old boss President Obama did in 2008, some lesser known high-energy candidate could sneak up on the frontrunner and knock them off quickly. In 2015, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker were early frontrunners before being embarrassingly tossed aside by Trump and the other candidates.

Whether or not Biden selects Abrams, and if she’s willing to take the nomination, this type of speculation allows him to stay in the news while people continue to hold their collective breath about a future announcement.

Bottom line, he’s running. He’s been running for a while. The fact that he’s not official yet only plays into the fundraising he’s missing, which he’ll be able to make up quickly once he announces. All in all, the Democratic race is turning hilarious.

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Babylon Bee satire piece pretty much nails the Democrats’ incentive on Electoral College



Babylon Bee satire piece pretty much nails the Democrats incentive on Electoral College

The founders decided to employ an Electoral College in picking the President to prevent tyranny by majority. They realized back then exactly what is happening today – the establishment of urban and suburban echo chambers that would rather see flyover country engulfed by a giant tornado than to “suffer” through conservative and Christian ideologies, especially in Washington DC. This is the driving force behind the sudden push to abolish the Electoral College, and the satirical masterminds at Babylon Bee nailed it.

Democratic candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is leading the charge to make the process that saved us from a Hillary Clinton presidency obsolete. Why? Because they can’t figure out how to win otherwise. Sure, they were able to dominate the Electoral College with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but the last two Democratic Presidents were running against weak Republicans in both of their elections. Had they been running against conservatives, especially in each of their first elections, the results may have been very different and the country may be in much better shape by now.

Nevertheless, this is what the Democrats want. Any system that can yield President Trump is a system they know they can fight against with their unhinged supporters, blind followers, and Trump haters.

That’s the nature of America today. Satire doesn’t need to venture too far away from reality in order to get a hilarious version of the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, especially as it pertains to the loony party on the far left.

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TIL the famous bar AOC worked at shut down over rising costs, minimum wage increase



TIL the famous bar AOC worked at shut down over rising costs minimum wage increase

Today I learned something that surprised me, not because of the event itself but because so few people have talked about it. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is known for being a leader of the socialist movement in Washington DC after rising from the humble status of bartender to the Congresswoman of the 14th district in New York. Her policies include a push for a “living wage” of $15 per hour. I’ve always thought the wording was odd considering Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and others have been calling for a rise in “minimum wage.” Today, I found out why she’s shying away from that phrase.

When New York City raised their minimum wage $15, many businesses were hit hard, especially in the hospitality industry. Restaurants and bars started cutting hours and often even closing their doors over the increase. One of those hit hard by the massive bump was The Coffee Shop. Owner Charles Milite blamed the closure on high costs, with the rise in minimum wage as the last straw.

“The rents are very high and now the minimum wage is going up and we have a huge number of employees,” he said.

The Coffee Shop is the bar where AOC once worked.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t some random bar. The Coffee Shop in Union Square was considered a high-end establishment, buzzing all the time with “A-list” patrons. It was featured many times in the HBO show Sex and the City and had built a reputation as an “it” spot for Manhattan residents and tourists alike. In other words, this wasn’t a hole in the wall hanging on by a string. It was a vibrant, successful business for almost three decades before New York City’s untenable leftist policies, including a $15 minimum wage, became more than the bar could bear.

On the surface, many voters may see the very basic math of “oh, Democrats want to pay me more” and assume there’s no repercussions for such actions. This is why Democrats prey on those people who currently make lower wages. They feel if they can promise them something that sounds good even if they know with 100% certainty based on empirical evidence that it will actually hurt them, these new socialists are willing to make that trade. They figure they can blame the conservatives later for why the place they were working at before cut their hours, removed their jobs, or shut down because of raising the minimum wage.

As usual, socialists rely on ignorance and emotion as the driving forces behind their plans. They’re not stupid. They know their ideas won’t work. But they’re willing to push them on people anyway in hopes that ignorance will keep them in power.

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