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Imagine if a Republican said what Hillary Clinton just said



Democrats get a pass. Every time.

A joke during an interview has been attributed to her mocking conservatives, Republicans, and/or President Trump. This must be the case because, as a Democrat, she certainly would NEVER say anything racist unless it was a satirical social commentary on the ever-present racism that exists in the GOP. Right? RIGHT?!?!?

The interviewer, Kara Swisher, started asking about Cory “Spartacus” Booker making a comment about kicking people in the shins. Clinton corrected her that it was actually Eric Holder who said it. Then she added, “Ya, I know they all look alike.”

Stop, for a moment, and imagine if the exact same circumstance happened with a Republican in the chair. It wouldn’t be a laughing matter. It wouldn’t be chalked up as social commentary. It would be called racism and the Republican saying it would never be allowed anywhere near a public forum for the rest of his or her life.

But this was Hillary Clinton. She couldn’t possibly be considered a racist. After all, she’s a Democrat.

Democrats can make racist jokes and it’s funny. In fact, the interviewer even quipped she must have been reading the President’s Tweets. That part is the saddest, as the President has never Tweeted anything close to what Clinton just said.