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Militant mainstream media really is more divisive than President Trump



Militant mainstream media really is more divisive than President Trump

It took me two years to come to grips with a harsh reality about the arena I’ve chosen to enter. I didn’t want to believe the media is the “enemy of the people” or that our words could cause so much damage to a country that desperately needs to heal, but despite my protestations I’ve finally been forced to pull my head out of the sand. Mainstream media really is the problem.

I didn’t want to believe it because I believe in a free press. I know where this is heading. The President has called for changes to libel laws and has often espoused the precursors to censorship of the media. That terrified me. It still does. I’m not in the camp that believes the media needs to be put in check by the government and I can’t imagine a scenario where I would ever support even the slightest action that could lead to censorship. With that said, I’m starting to understand the frustration.

News outlets like the Washington Post have clearly demonstrated they will treat President Trump completely differently from how they treated his predecessor. They weren’t trying to blame President Obama for, well, anything that they’re attempting to pin on President Trump. They would never dare to say President Obama was to blame for stoking the hatred that led to the San Bernardino attacks. None of them were accusing him following Sandy Hook, Aurora, or Orlando.

In fact, the media was blaming the Republicans for those attacks as well, though not with the same fervor as they’re now blaming President Trump for the Pittsburgh attack and mail bomber.

It makes no logical sense to pin the machinations of clearly insane men on a President. There are disturbed individuals in our country who will do disturbing things. Nothing a President says or does can change that. No, President Obama wasn’t the great healer. If anything, his policies which led to economic challenges and lost jobs contributed more to the hatred that is rampant in our nation than President Trump’s rhetoric.

We knew what we were getting going in. Nobody expected President Trump to be the eloquent, soothing voice of reason. Mainstream media seems to think that’s what we need, but here’s the thing. What President Trump lacks in his communication skills, he makes up for with his policies. What President Obama lacked in making policies, he tried to make up for it with his words. This more than anything else is why mainstream media cannot understand President Trump’s popularity. They deal in words, and despite President Trump’s claims, it was President Obama who had “the best words.”

Mainstream media preferred to be fed soothing bulls–t from President Obama than sound policies from President Trump.

That all brings us to where we are today. The incessant chanting by mainstream media that President Trump is dividing us is precisely the action that is dividing us. They have become the truest form of division within our country, and it’s by design. Perhaps they don’t even realize it. Perhaps they truly believe their divisiveness is somehow going to heal us. I doubt it. I think they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re pulling from the propaganda playbook and using journalistic doublespeak to convince weak-minded people that their attacks are the solution, not the cause of all the division.

I am not a Trump supporter. I approve of many of his actions and pieces of his agenda, but I have no problem denouncing poor decisions. I agree that his method for handling many situations leaves much to be desired. I think he’s a narcissist who takes as much credit for himself as possible while deflecting all blame. That’s what we signed up for when we nominated him and eventually elected him. Thank God he didn’t lose to Hillary Clinton. I wish it had been someone else to beat her, but I’ll also admit there have been many pleasant surprises throughout his first two years.

It’s important to understand this because I’m not simply attacking the media from a partisan perspective. I’m not in the GOP or Trump “tribe” that sits around pretending everything he does is golden. Most of his tariffs are terrible, leftist moves that we would see if Bernie Sanders was President. His personnel moves in the White House have been comical. And, as mainstream media likes to trumpet constantly, I am not a fan of his choice of words in nearly any situation. I laughed out loud along with most of the United Nations when he felt it appropriate to toot his horn and claim he’s had more accomplishments than just about any president in American history.

What I will never do is assign blame to the President for every negative event that happens in America. It isn’t just irresponsible journalism. It’s irresponsible citizenship. Americans look to the media to help us decipher the world. We need the events reported to us and in many situations we need them interpreted for us. Mainstream media has a responsibility to help Americans understand the events that affect us. They are failing miserably in that regard because they’re playing partisan, anti-Trump games.

I will never promote any measures that stifle the press. I also recognize the ways the press is failing America. Many of them are actually harming America. Where does that leave us?

It’s up to the people. It’s up to you, me, and everyone we influence to step up and tell them we will not listen to their lies any longer. They are trying to be leftist heroes who are willing to abandon their principles for the sake of the progressive cause. We need to stop rewarding them for their idiocy.

Don’t buy their print publications. Don’t watch their television networks. Don’t go to their websites. Most things covered by CNN, NY Times, and Washington Post can be found on WSJ, Fox News, Red State, Conservative Review, National Review, or any of a dozen decent right-leaning media outlets. If you see a story that needs covering, send it to us. We’ll get it covered.

We will no longer be linking to leftist mainstream media outlets. We’ll find other sources. Our role will continue to be to share the news with a conservative understanding of what it all means. In performing that role, we will not be linking out to those outlets as we’ve done in the past.

Mainstream media seems willing to burn it all down if it means they can say “told you so” if President Trump fails. They’re willing to lie, cover up, and manipulate us all just to prove their point. It’s time for the people, not politicians, to tell them to stop.

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Why free speech is so hated by college students



Why free speech is so hated by college students

You’ve heard the stories. Free speech isn’t actually a thing on college campuses around the country. There seems to be certain types of protected speech, such as anything that embraces the leftist narrative of these progressive indoctrination centers, but any views that are considered to be too conservative for the delicate eyes or ears of college students are quickly stifled.

But it’s not just the administrators, professors, and other far-left employees of the colleges. The students themselves are opting out of free speech willingly. Sure, they’d probably complain if anyone intruded on their rights to espouse hyper-leftist ideologies or spew out progressive talking points, but that won’t happen. Why? Because those who may be opposed to their ideas are the same people who embrace limited government, free speech, and our rights as Americans. Therefore, the people who have an incentive to quash leftist notions are the very people who are against quashing anyone’s notions at all.

It’s a conundrum for conservatives because the same courtesy is not paid to them. Free speech (or any of our rights, for that matter) is neither appreciated nor sacred to leftists. So we’re stuck trying to protect our own rights to free speech while defending the left’s rights to the same. Meanwhile, they don’t have to defend their right to free speech because nobody’s trying to deny them of this right, but they’re busy trying to prevent any conservative ideas from seeping through to the collective conscious of their precious university environment.

This video by Campus Reform shows leftist students doing everything they can to prevent conservative ideas from being seen, let alone appreciated. This is important to them to stop ideas from being observed and potentially discussed, but they believe the reason they do it is to stop “hate speech.” The definition of “hate speech” on college campuses throughout America has become anything that’s contrary to their own progressive philosophy. Therein lies the real reason free speech is so hated.

We appreciate everything Campus Reform and their parent organization does. We strive to deliver strong conservative perspectives for college students as well, which is why we remain a crowdfunded publication powered by donations of our readers. The only way to stop the censorship of conservative ideas on college campuses is to continue to spread the word. We have reality on our side, so the more we push the message, the easier it will be to break through their indoctrinated defense shields.

The bottom line for college leftists is deep down, they realize their arguments are wrong. Their only defense against thoughtful conservative perspectives is to prevent as many people as possible from hearing them. Why? Because they have no defense against the truth.

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Liberty Daily: The Conservative, Christian alternative to Drudge Report



Liberty Daily The Conservative Christian alternative to Drudge Report

I’m old enough to remember when the Drudge Report was the place to find some of the most important links on the internet. The site, which started before America Online became AOL, has been credited over the last couple of decades with breaking news so fast as to put mainstream media outlets to shame. But that was then. This is now.

For a while, perhaps three or four years, the conservative stalwart of news aggregators has been showing a bit too much of its left-of-conservative leanings. That’s not to say owner and operator Matt Drudge is a leftist, but he’s more of an anti-Democrat than a true conservative. There’s nothing wrong with that if there were no other issues, but there are three other things that often leave me (and other conservatives, I’m sure) scratching my head.

  • First, the site rails against leftist mainstream media sites like WaPo, NY Times, and CNN, but continues to link to them profusely. I wrote a public letter once asking him to stop linking to fake news media, but it was ignored.
  • Second, readers must sift through offbeat stories to get to the conservative news pieces. We’re just as likely to see a story from TMZ about Paris Jackson as we are to see a link about border security on Breitbart.
  • Lastly, the only Christian news published is bad news. Christian persecution around the world gets widely ignored on Drudge, but if a pastor gets caught in a scandal, it’s plastered on the site with multiple links.

The alternative I strongly recommend is The Liberty Daily. It’s pro-conservative, pro-Christian, and absolutely fearless. I had the pleasure to talk to long-time friend and co-owner of the site, Matthew Burke. He owns and operates the site with his wife, Jennifer.

“My wife Jennifer and I started The Liberty Daily in 2015 as a conservative alternative to Drudge, which I felt needed some competition,” he said. “I was frustrated by the amount of traffic he was driving to left-wing publications like the New York Times and Washington Post. Plus, he wasn’t doing anything to help conservatives in the culture wars which we’ve been getting clobbered on by the Left for decades.”

In case that sounded repetitive, please keep in mind I had written my complaints about Drudge before asking Burke, and he hadn’t seen my own perspectives before replying.

What I’ve found at The Liberty Daily is everything I believe conservatives and Christians need to know on daily basis in order to navigate through the treacherous waters of online media. There’a a dangerous combination of propaganda on the internet today. There’s the left-leaning news outlets who essentially act as the opposition communications board for Democrats. Then, there’s the pseudo-right with news outlets that purport to be right-leaning but invariably distort the conservative message, dumbing it down to being right-light. These are the same sites that love to pretend to be conservative but who justify John Kasich’s existence and who believe Mitt Romney is still the future of the Republican Party.

The Liberty Daily doesn’t mess with any of that. The Burkes understand conservative media because they’ve lived in it for years. My first occasion to learn of them was seeing Jennifer on Fox News representing their previous venture.

“We had another conservative site, Politistick, which was beginning to get tamped down by Facebook censorship and we both saw the writing on the wall,” Burke continued. “We needed to have a site that wasn’t dependent on social media like everybody else. Almost all traffic to The Liberty Daily is direct or from people who are fed up with Drudge, found the site, and tell their friends.”

It isn’t just about the need for more conservative media, as we discuss on a regular basis. NOQ Report is a crowdfunded site that relies on donations, so we enjoy some editorial freedom that other sites might not get. But even ad-supported sites can be bold if they’re willing to follow their conscience instead of focusing on click-bait. The Liberty Daily does it right:

“I don’t get caught up in trying to post links to stories that get the most clicks like most websites. I want to put up stories that are pro-Christian, pro-Constitution, Pro-America, anti-Communism and try to fight the evil forces that are trying to destroy America through the culture.” – Matthew Burke

The site, which started out around 50 views per month and continues to grow beyond its current level of 2 million visitors per month, has no problem calling things the way they should be seen. Unlike “polite” news aggregators and opinion sources, The Liberty Daily is bold with the way they present the news without going down the road of hysteria or hyperbole.

My last question for Burke was, “What does America need the most, in one sentence?” He didn’t need a sentence. He didn’t even need a phrase. He summed it up in one word. “Jesus.” That’s the type of people I want running The Liberty Daily.

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Steve Deace: Media isn’t biased. It’s opposition media.



Steve Deace Media isnt biased Its opposition media

If you haven’t heard that a Reuters reporter held damaging information about Beto O’Rourke during his Senate campaign against Ted Cruz (R-TX), only to reveal it after he announced his run for president, you’re not alone. It wasn’t given much coverage by mainstream media since it points out the opposing nature of the media against anyone and anything conservative.

That’s the state of the media in 2019. It’s been like this for a while.

Conservative commentator Steve Deace Tweeted the truth about the media as demonstrated by their willingness to cover up for O’Rourke:

While most on the right seem to believe the President is the victim of a media bent on opposing him, it’s actually much bigger than that. Had Trump not won the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz or whoever emerged to beat Hillary Clinton would be facing the same opposition from the press. They may be more bold as a result of Trump’s win, but their ideology hasn’t changed. They don’t just oppose Trump. They don’t just oppose Republicans. They oppose anything that seems to be right-leaning.

The media has emerged as the communications and propaganda department for the left. Keep in mind that it’s not just Democrats they support. Their collective ideology is opposed to anything that smells conservative. This is just another reasons we ask our readers to support us any way they can. Being crowdfunded means we have the ideological independence to fight against those in the media who operate in opposition to conservatism. We simply need more revenue in order to get the message out to more people.

The biggest challenge the media has had since President Trump’s election is holding back their bias. But there’s a difference between pretending to be unbiased in reporting and outright covering up for the Democrats in an effort to help them in their election chances. The left is now claiming the coverup was all about saving juicy snippets for a book, but let’s get real here. The writer was well aware that news about O’Rourke breaking the law as part of a hacker group would have not only hurt his chances in his campaign against Ted Cruz. It could have ruined his chances of being propped up as a Democratic candidate.

This wasn’t about a book. It was about protecting a guy mainstream media adores.

Some would say the timing is bad for this information to come out. This is incorrect. This is the best time, shortly after his announcement, for him to address the issue and put it behind him before getting into the heat of the debates. It’s a time when this news will have the lowest possible impact on his presidential chances.

Some tell us we need to be unbiased rather than being a conservative news outlet. If the scale ever tips away from the far-leftist lean it currently has, we may consider it. In the meantime, we’ll keep fighting the good fight.

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