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Leftist tolerance and intolerance: A brief list of what’s allowed



A brief explanation of the tolerance of leftism

I’ll be the first to admit I hate social media. I don’t hate the concept or the potential, but I do hate the idiocy, trolls, and false activism. Did I mention trolls?

Sometimes, one can draw conclusions by sifting through the white noise. I’ve come to a conclusion.

What I’ve found most perplexing is the tendency by leftists to denounce intolerance with… intolerance. Here is a list of things leftists demand we all tolerate:

  1. Accusations by women against men regardless of corroboration – I’m not even going to elaborate on this one.
  2. Radical Islam in all its forms – While leftists are quick to denounce most violence of any kind (except for violence perpetrated by their activists) and gun violence in particular, they are hesitant to even mention violence if the alleged perpetrator is Muslim. This is why stories about violence driven by radical Islamic beliefs, whether they’re hate crimes, domestic violence, or outright terrorism, are buried or ignored by mainstream media.
  3. Open borders – It’s unfair to a leftist that some people aren’t Americans and won’t go through the legal immigration process. While many on the left hate America, they have no problem with accepting the freedoms allowed in America and wanting to share them with everyone who wants to infiltrate our borders. After all, they want us to build bridges, not walls.
  4. Censorship of conservative voices – It’s hate speech. It’s all hate speech. Whether it’s Ben Shapiro or Kathleen Parker or Gavin McInnes or any other right-leaning speakers, all they want is to divide us. They only have hate speech… at least to radical leftists who probably haven’t even heard them speak before.
  5. Police doing their jobs – If a police officer shoots and kills anyone, particularly a minority, it’s instantly bad and never justified in the eyes of the left. It doesn’t matter what they did to prompt action against them, how aggressive they were acting, what threats they posed, what drugs they were on at the time, or any criminal history they might have on record. No police officer should shoot and kill any unless the “victim” fires first… and even then we’ll often see protests.
  6. Socialism – “It’s never been tried,” the leftist will say. Examples of it failing were not really socialism. Examples of capitalist Scandinavian countries applying certain degrees of socialism are the model they want us to follow. Oh, and don’t read any of the reports suggesting their economies are not sustainable long term.
  7. Rich leftists – Bernie Sanders. Alyssa Milano. Colin Kaepernick. Glenn Close. Elizabeth Warren. Jeff Bezos. Taylor Swift. These people aren’t really rich. They just have money they’re saving up to redistribute to the poor when the Republicans finally allow them to do so.
  8. A woman’s reproductive rights – It’s her body, therefore she must decide what to do with the non-human-potential-for-life-if-she-chooses-to-allow-it that’s growing inside of her.

Now, here’s a list of some of the things we must never tolerate, according to leftists. See if you notice any parallels:

  1. Accusations against women for lying about men – I’m not even going to elaborate on this one.
  2. Judeo-Christian values – Our nation was founded on values that were derived from a Judeo-Christian worldview. These values have permeated into nearly every aspect of American life from our justice system to the charitable nature that gives more to other nations than all other nations combined. But hey, don’t preach to a leftist or you’re just an intolerant bigot.
  3. Border security – We are a sovereign nation, but don’t tell that to hardcore leftists. They believe America is a blight to the world and we’re lucky to have all the nice people from Central America, the Middle East, and Asia willing to come over and educate us about how we’re really supposed to be living. Oh, and 100% of those crossing the border are good people with no intention of committing a crime or hurting anyone, you bigot!
  4. Selective name-calling – Again, this only applies to certain people. President Trump, for example, is pure evil and a complete misogynist for calling a woman who sued him a “horseface,” but there’s not a peep from leftists when Kanye West is called Trump’s “token negro” on national television.
  5. Criminals doing their thing – There are no real criminals in this world, according to leftists. There are only people reacting to a condition forced upon them by the old, white male patriarchy. Murders in Chicago, Baltimore, or St. Louis are never the story if it’s an African-American killing another African-American. To the left, even talking about such violent acts means we must be bigots.
  6. Capitalism – This is pure evil to the left. Pure. Evil.
  7. Rich conservatives – Oh, how privileged it must be for the Koch brothers, Tim Allen, and James Woods to sit in their mansions and crap all over the poor people.
  8. A pre-born baby’s right to live – To a leftist, it isn’t a human life worthy of personhood until after it’s exited the host. Even then, there may be a grace period.

It’s a necessity for the loudest on the left to have big mouths. Otherwise they’d have a hard time speaking out of both sides of it.