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The hypocrisy of ‘conservatives’ who condemn left-wing violence



The hypocrisy of conservatives who condemn left-wing violence

If members of the extreme left of the Democrat Party who promote violence against conservatives are being condemned by Trump and his buddies in the so-called conservative media for being “uncivil,” why aren’t they condemning those who support Trump and promote violence against the left?

In Trump’s case, the answer is pretty clear; he’s okay with violence when it’s done in his name or when it’s used against his political enemies. For example, he recently praised a pro-Trump Montana Congressman who physically assaulted Trump’s #1 political enemy, the news media.

While such hypocrisy is to be expected from the man who built his presidency using double standards, it’s becoming a destructive trend of those in media who claim to champion conservative values.

Co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine and the host of CRTV’s Get Off My Lawn, Gavin McInnes is also the founder of the far-right group, The Proud Boys. McInnes, like pretty much everyone else at CRTV, is adamantly pro-Trump. And like Trump, he and the Boys aren’t averse to using violence against those they see as their enemies. In fact, he thinks Trump supporters should be more violent. (Language warning)

McInnes is a guy who means what he says. A little over a week ago, he spoke at a pro-Trump event to “celebrate” the 1960 murder of a Japanese socialist. Afterward, a group of Proud Boys violently attacked three people they identified as ANTIFA.

Meanwhile, Trump Pravda’s coverage of the attacks blamed ANTIFA for wielding swords and committing acts of violence using a video segment that featured a man with a sword. That man? Gavin McInnes.

In an article on The Heritage Foundation’s “conservative” news platform The Daily Signal a few days after these events, a plea was made for “the calls for violence to be denounced.” However, just like Trump and most of the conservative media, the article penned by former president of The Heritage Foundation Ed Feulner blamed people like Eric Holder and Rep. Maxine Waters while making no mention of people like McInnes.

Attacking left-wing extremists by tweeting #JobsNotMobs might be a clever election-year ploy for votes, but it’s a clear display of the lies and hypocrisy we’ve come to accept as normal from the man who once claimed he could shoot someone and not lose his supporters.

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100K released in 3 months: What’s the point in arresting illegal immigrants if ICE doesn’t have a way to hold them?



100K released in 3 months Whats the point in arresting illegal immigrants if ICE doesnt have a way t

Over 100,000 illegal immigrants have been released by ICE following apprehension in the last three months alone. That’s more than 1,000 per day. Why are they doing this? Because Washington DC refuses to give them the resources or facilities they need to deal with the national emergency at the border.

And yes, this is an emergency. We can debate all day about whether or not it’s a national emergency that should be declared as such by the President or whether he should have been getting this tough on the issue long before the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives, but what can’t be argued is whether or not this problem has grown to the status of being a true and tangible crisis.

It’s not manufactured as a scare tactic. It’s not the White House bending numbers, as many in mainstream media want to believe. This is real.

As the Daily Caller points out, only some of the 100,000 released illegal immigrants have been required to wear tracking devices:

There are plenty of dysfunctional programs and agencies in the United States. That can be expected since government generally doesn’t handle situations with efficiency, frugality, or common sense. But there are certain responsibilities of the government that should get special treatment. Our national defense, whether through the military or from outside threats such as illegal immigration, should be a high priority for our representatives in Washington DC to get right. The fact they’re dropping this particular ball so spectacularly is unacceptable.

We have our own problems among American citizens. We don’t need to inherit more problems by allowing the borders to be wide open as they are, then to not even empower our law enforcement agency tasked with capturing and detaining illegal immigrants only exacerbates the problem.

I’ve spoken out against the GOP’s lackadaisical approach to border security since before President Trump took office. I’ve continued to denounce their inactivity and the bad advice that prompted the President to wait until December, 2018, to finally put his foot down on the issue. Now we’re seeing the fruits of their inactivity.

With that said, it’s still the Democrats who are the main cause for consternation.

The problem isn’t that Democrats don’t acknowledge the invasion at the border that is overwhelming all current methods of security. It’s that they don’t care. This is what they want. America’s sovereignty is unimportant to them.

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Joe Biden is considering Stacyy Abrams as his running mate. Why hasn’t he declared yet?



Joe Biden is considering Stacyy Abrams as his running mate Why hasnt he declared yet

The Joe Biden saga keeps getting stranger every week. While most anticipate the former Vice President is going to run for President in 2020, he still hasn’t announced despite most of the major candidates who were expected to run have already made their announcement. Now, a report that his staff is considering asking former Democratic contender for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams continues to add fuel to speculation while also making this whole thing even more strange.

In 2016, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made the rare move of announcing his Vice Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, before securing the nomination. It was a desperate move at a time when his prospects for defeating Donald Trump were fading and it didn’t work out. Biden’s alleged move is very different. He’s ahead in the very early polls even before the first debate, let alone the Iowa caucus. Yet speculating about a potential VP seems out of place, just like everything else in this whole debacle.

My theory is he’s trying to minimize the potential attack channels by cautiously field-testing everything first. By gathering data without officially announcing a run, he has the luxury of riding the speculation train as long as he can. He would be the instant frontrunner if he were to announce, but if history tells us anything, frontrunner status rarely means much. Hillary Clinton was the frontrunner from beginning to end in 2016, but even then the speculation of a late run by Biden was appealing to many Democrats.

Biden likely fears being the early frontrunner will generate fatigue for his name being tossed around so often. It’s still early; at this point in 2015, only one major GOP candidate, Cruz, had officially announced his run. Biden wants to ride the speculation as long as possible knowing once he’s officially in, he’s open to attacks. Just as his old boss President Obama did in 2008, some lesser known high-energy candidate could sneak up on the frontrunner and knock them off quickly. In 2015, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker were early frontrunners before being embarrassingly tossed aside by Trump and the other candidates.

Whether or not Biden selects Abrams, and if she’s willing to take the nomination, this type of speculation allows him to stay in the news while people continue to hold their collective breath about a future announcement.

Bottom line, he’s running. He’s been running for a while. The fact that he’s not official yet only plays into the fundraising he’s missing, which he’ll be able to make up quickly once he announces. All in all, the Democratic race is turning hilarious.

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Big League Politics editor Patrick Howley speaks out against Fox News following Judge Pirro removal



Big League Politics editor Patrick Howley speaks out against Fox News following Judge Pirro removal

When Judge Jeanine Pirro questioned whether or not hijabs worn by Congresswomen was antithetical to the Constitution because it represented sharia law (which is definitely antithetical to the Constitution), the Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded Fox News remove the host and her show.

Fox News complied.

Conservatives across the nation are speaking out against the move and Fox News itself. We expressed our opinions about Fox News the other day, noting they’re not the place for conservatives to be finding their news. Now, conservative news source One America News brought on Big League Politics editor-in-chief Patrick Howley to give his perspectives on the firing and the future of Fox News.

To sum it up, Howley said “the only way to fight back against Fox News is to tune them out.” Considering the direction they’ve been taking recently, this is clearly sound advice. OAN is a great alternative.

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