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Kyrsten Sinema’s dangerous ideas do not belong in the Senate



Kyrsten Sinemas dangerous ideas do not belong in the Senate

Arizona has been leaning towards replacing outbound Republican Senator Jeff Flake with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. That should no longer be the case as her past radical remarks betray the perception she’s tried to create of being a moderate Democrat made for Arizona.

Her past remarks make it clear she’s as far left of moderate as radio host Alex Jones, just heading in the opposite direction:

Senate Dem hopeful Kyrsten Sinema said ‘I don’t care’ if people go to fight for Taliban against US Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema said “I don’t care” if people go and fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan in a newly resurfaced radio interview and co-hosted a radio show with a conspiracy theorist who claimed the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were perpetrated by the government, Fox News can reveal.

Sinema appeared on a radio show in February 2003 hosted by Ernest Hancock, a libertarian activist who presented “The Valley of the Sun” program on a local Arizona radio station.

During the interview, Sinema told the host that she didn’t object to individuals going abroad and fighting for groups hostile to the U.S.

There’s a very distinct difference between defense of personal freedoms, a conservative staple, and desiring no repercussions for people who intend to kill Americans. As with many far-left activists, they don’t care about the lives of others if they don’t agree wholeheartedly with their worldviews.

This wasn’t the only statement getting Sinema into hot water with voters.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Continues Her Hate For Arizona, Says the State is the ‘Meth Lab’ of Democracy, she was exposed for comparing illegal aliens crossing the border to U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. Then, we found out she called Arizona residents “crazy.” Now, another unearthed video shows Sinema calling Arizona the “meth lab” of democracy. The comments were made at the far left conference Netroots Nation in 2010.

Lets hope the three strikes rule applies here.

On the other side of the fence is Martha McSally, a war veteran who retired as a full colonel in the Air Force following a 26-year military career. The choice for Arizona and America should be obvious.

Martha McSally calls out how Democrats acted during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has one of the tightest races in the country as Republican Martha McSally takes on Democrat Kyrsten Sinema for an extremely important Senate seat being vacated by Jeff Flake.

At a rally following the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debacle, McSally went after her opponent and Democrats in general by highlighting their thirst for power regardless of the consequences.