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Trump’s Medicare policy the next step in his march toward socialized healthcare



Conservative media outlet praises Trumps attack on the Constitution

After squeezing all the political life he could out of the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, Trump went to work this week on other ways to fire up his uninspired base ahead of next month’s election.

On Tuesday, Trump made an appearance at an Iowa worship service disguised as a campaign rally, where the man who once bragged that he was capable of changing into anything he wants when it comes to his ever-changing policies, reached out to corn farmers being hurt from his “good and easy to wintrade war.

In an obvious attempt to buy votes in November and lay the groundwork for the 2020 Iowa caucuses, Trump announced that he would be expanding the use of ethanol; free market and the environment be damned.

Yesterday, Trump allegedly wrote an op-ed for USA Today — I say “allegedly” because Microsoft Word graded it at college level, and Trump speaks at a seventh-grade level or lower — decrying the Democrat Party’s call for “Medicare for all.” For the uninitiated, Medicare-for-all is the politically correct way of saying single-payer.

Trump’s fake op-ed is nothing more than the latest round of the politics of distraction where the GOP attempts to shift voter attention away from the past two years of lies and broken promises. In Trump’s case, however, the op-ed is also hypocritical because he supports single-payer healthcare, and his policies pretty much guarantee that socialized medicine will be here sooner rather than later.

Throughout his political career, Trump often sang the praises of socialized medicine and single-payer healthcare, and he reinforced his support during the 2016 campaign when he promised to have the government pay for universal healthcare for everyone.

During his campaign, Trump also made the promise repeatedly broken by the GOP to repeal Obamacare, which Republicans love and was given a big boost when Trump and the GOP completely funded it with the #MiniBusBetrayal he signed into law in September.

Many, including myself, pointed to this broken promise as evidence of Trump’s lack of integrity, but now I think it makes sense when you consider that Obamacare was created to be the catalyst for single-payer healthcare.

In his op-ed, Trump also renewed his commitment to save Medicare from being used as the mechanism for delivering single-payer healthcare. It’s a politically convenient move, but in reality, Medicare is already the largest socialized healthcare program in the world, so his Medicare policies are guaranteeing socialized medicine, not preventing it.

When you look at the complete package — lifetime support of socialized medicine, not repealing Obamacare, and letting Medicare grow out of control — Trump is accomplishing everything Barack Obama and the Democrats wanted concerning socialized medicine.

I guess I see now why we had to keep Hillary from winning and advancing Obama’s agenda . . . Trump wanted to be the one to do that.

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Culture and Religion

Here’s hoping the President is serious about late-term abortions



Heres hoping the President is serious about late-term abortions

I’ll admit up front that I’m a cynic when it comes to the abortion issue. My entire life, I’ve heard Republicans vow to do something about abortion. The wins have been incremental at best and the losses have been devastating. As Planned Parenthood stands funded by the government despite repeated promised by Republicans and a majority to get something done for two years, I’m always skeptical when someone says they’re going to do something about abortion.

Last night, President Trump said he would urge Congress to take action against late-term abortion. It was the only reference made to an issue directly pointed towards evangelicals, and that’s okay as long as it gets done. Other fights, such as religious freedoms, are battles that must be fought by the people, but abortion is the main issue that has both political and cultural fronts on which the battle must be fought. We’ll keep fighting on the cultural front. Will Republicans in Washington DC finally fight on the political front?

If we give him the benefit of the doubt instead of my instant cynical perspective that this was just a vote-securing statement, what would it look like? Does Congress even have the power to mandate against states on this issue? I’m no Constitutional expert, but my gut says it would have to be fought all the way to the Supreme Court for it to actually work, and once there even the so-called “conservative” lean of the bench is unlikely to uphold it. Once again, the case against late-term abortion must be different from the case against abortion itself, and that would force us to run into Constitutional issues.

Here’s the problem with the statement and any attempts made by Congress. Currently, the sentiment against late-term abortions is on our side, but that can change quickly if DC attempts to subvert Roe v. Wade in any manner. Pro-abortion groups will paint this as an example of politicians trying to stand between a woman and her right to choose. Most Americans believe it should be illegal today, but part of that is because it isn’t illegal. If there’s one way to shift sentiment on an issue, side with what the people want today. Invariably, many will change their tune once action is actually taken.

By no means am I suggesting they shouldn’t take a shot at it, but they cannot miss. The worst-case scenario is that they try to ban late-term abortions nationwide and lose that battle. During the battle itself, the will of the people will shift. Therefore, if they cannot make it happen, they shouldn’t even try.

For Americans to have better understanding of the abortion issue, they need more information about preborn babies and the realities of their existence. If the GOP can pull off a late-term abortion ban, it will go a long way to helping with the cultural battle as well.


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Culture and Religion

The magical birth canal




The magical birth canal

Choice42 makes the point that an arbitrary point in life doesn’t suddenly convey humanity and basic human rights.

The contention from the Left is that there is some magical demarcation point in the life of a child. That before birth it’s just a fetus, clump of cells or a ‘parasite’.

Then in a flash, it suddenly becomes a human being, from mere passage of the birth canal. This video from a couple of months ago illustrates that this is an absurd contention.

Bonus video


Leftists assert that like those on the Pro-Liberty Right that they want to protect the children. But only after the life changing passage of the magical birth canal. This video makes the point that the Left can’t have it both ways.

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Morgan Ortagus: Republicans can’t go into 2020 without a healthcare message



Morgan Ortagus Republicans cant go into 2020 without a healthcare message

On a panel last night with Steve Hilton, Fox News contributor Morgan Ortagus warned the Republican Party going into the 2020 election season that they need to have a message other than opposition to Medicare-for-All.

Ortagus noted that the current plan came from a Democratic President, but Republicans aren’t taking advantage of this notion.

“So a smart Republican could sort of make this argument and say this is why the current Democrat plan doesn’t work but instead Republicans have inherited a faulty plan that they criticize but without a viable replacement,” she said.

My Take

She’s absolutely right. It seems like the GOP has resolved to not really address healthcare at all before the 2020 election after failing to repeal and replace Obamacare in 2017. Now, they’re just railing against the proposed fixes instead of offering a solution.


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