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Trump’s Medicare policy the next step in his march toward socialized healthcare



Conservative media outlet praises Trumps attack on the Constitution

After squeezing all the political life he could out of the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, Trump went to work this week on other ways to fire up his uninspired base ahead of next month’s election.

On Tuesday, Trump made an appearance at an Iowa worship service disguised as a campaign rally, where the man who once bragged that he was capable of changing into anything he wants when it comes to his ever-changing policies, reached out to corn farmers being hurt from his “good and easy to wintrade war.

In an obvious attempt to buy votes in November and lay the groundwork for the 2020 Iowa caucuses, Trump announced that he would be expanding the use of ethanol; free market and the environment be damned.

Yesterday, Trump allegedly wrote an op-ed for USA Today — I say “allegedly” because Microsoft Word graded it at college level, and Trump speaks at a seventh-grade level or lower — decrying the Democrat Party’s call for “Medicare for all.” For the uninitiated, Medicare-for-all is the politically correct way of saying single-payer.

Trump’s fake op-ed is nothing more than the latest round of the politics of distraction where the GOP attempts to shift voter attention away from the past two years of lies and broken promises. In Trump’s case, however, the op-ed is also hypocritical because he supports single-payer healthcare, and his policies pretty much guarantee that socialized medicine will be here sooner rather than later.

Throughout his political career, Trump often sang the praises of socialized medicine and single-payer healthcare, and he reinforced his support during the 2016 campaign when he promised to have the government pay for universal healthcare for everyone.

During his campaign, Trump also made the promise repeatedly broken by the GOP to repeal Obamacare, which Republicans love and was given a big boost when Trump and the GOP completely funded it with the #MiniBusBetrayal he signed into law in September.

Many, including myself, pointed to this broken promise as evidence of Trump’s lack of integrity, but now I think it makes sense when you consider that Obamacare was created to be the catalyst for single-payer healthcare.

In his op-ed, Trump also renewed his commitment to save Medicare from being used as the mechanism for delivering single-payer healthcare. It’s a politically convenient move, but in reality, Medicare is already the largest socialized healthcare program in the world, so his Medicare policies are guaranteeing socialized medicine, not preventing it.

When you look at the complete package — lifetime support of socialized medicine, not repealing Obamacare, and letting Medicare grow out of control — Trump is accomplishing everything Barack Obama and the Democrats wanted concerning socialized medicine.

I guess I see now why we had to keep Hillary from winning and advancing Obama’s agenda . . . Trump wanted to be the one to do that.

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Why Republicans should hope Sanders or Warren is the Democratic nominee



Why Republicans should hope Sanders or Warren is the Democratic nominee

For the record, I am not condoning any activities by Republicans to sway Democrats one way or the other. It’s their nomination to make. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for an outcome, and based on a report from… wait for it… CNN, the best candidates for President Trump to beat are Senators Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Both are popular, polling 2nd and 3rd with each flip flopping from day to day with the other. One claims to be a socialist while the other acts like a socialist pretending to not be one. But they have many policy proposals in common, including one that could either of them in the general election.

As it turns out, there are plenty of people who like their health insurance. To make matters worse, there are plenty of people who also do not like the idea of losing their health insurance or being forced to accept whatever concoction the government can spew forth with Medicare-for-All.

Warren and Sanders say Americans don’t like their health insurance. Polls don’t back that up.

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that when it comes to expanding coverage and lowering health care costs 55% of Democrats and Democratic leaning independents prefer to vote for a candidate who does so by building on the Affordable Care Act. Only 40% want do so by voting for voting for a candidate who replaces the ACA with Medicare for All.

This poll is consistent with previous Kaiser polls on the subject in finding Democrats wanting to vote for someone who builds on the ACA.

This tells us two things many conservatives have known for a long time. First, it tells us Americans like choices. Second, it tells us Americans do not want to be forced onto a government program even if it’s allegedly free… or perhaps especially if it’s allegedly free.

While most polls show former VP Joe Biden would be the toughest for President Trump to beat, I’ve long suspected his gaffes and potentially deteriorating cognitive state would make him the most vulnerable. But this new data seems to say the polls are right, that Biden may be tougher than Sanders or Warren simply because his proposed Obamacare 2.0 with a public option may be the most popular proposal out there, including with moderates.

Single-payer healthcare, which eliminates all choices while taking down the quality of services provided, could be the silver bullet that takes down the two socialist werewolves. The only question is whether Democrats or President Trump will get to use it.

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Culture and Religion

Facebook uncensors Live Action after Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley intervene



Facebook uncensors Live Action after Ted Cruz Josh Hawley intervene

Pro-life activist group Live Action has been in hot water with Facebook since last month. They’ve been accused of spreading false news after a fact-check group claimed a video of Lila Rose saying “abortions is never medically necessary” was false. This drew the attention of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, both of whom have been going after Facebook for anti-conservative bias in their censorship patterns for some time.

As part of Facebook’s International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), a group called Health Feedback used the fact-checking of two physicians with ties to pro-abortion groups. This led to the group’s page and content being censored with reduced exposure and warnings placed on their content as fake news.

Cruz and Hawley sent a letter to Facebook calling for an investigation and noting they’ve already uncovered multiple cases of unabashed bias against conservative content on pages. Facebook replied in an unexpectedly compliant manner.

“We have been in touch with the IFCN which has opened an investigation to determine whether the fact checkers who rated this content did so by following procedures designed to ensure impartiality,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “While the IFCN investigates, we are removing the relevant fact checks and have communicated this to the members of the US Senate who brought this specific concern to our attention.”

Facebook removes fact check from anti-abortion video after criticism

The fact check was published by the group Health Feedback, part of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which is partnered with Facebook to crack down on misinformation on the platform. Health Feedback’s reviews rated Rose’s claim as inaccurate, saying, “Certain medical conditions such as placenta previa and HELLP syndrome can make abortion a necessary medical procedure in order to prevent the mother’s death.”

Live Action said that after the fact check was posted late last month, the group was notified by Facebook that its page’s content would be subject to “reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news.”

Censorship by Big Tech is an ongoing issue that requires both lawmakers and conservative users to stand out ground. They are protected as unbiased platforms by Section 230. They need to play fair.

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Amy Klobuchar: ‘While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill’



Amy Klobuchar While Bernie wrote the bill I read the bill

Amy Klobuchar’s candidacy may be fading, but she made an important point against Bernie Sanders’s and Elizabeth Warren’s push for Medicare-for-All during tonight’s Democratic debate. On page eight of the bill, health insurance as we know it today would be eliminated.

And Pete Buttigieg seized on the opportunity to highlight his own Medicare-for-All-Who-Want-It proposal by saying he trusts the American people, which Sanders and Warren do not. The joint attacks on the staple of both Sanders’s and Warren’s campaign was meaningful.

Then, Kamala Harris was given the opportunity to pile on. She did. She echoed Buttigieg’s push for a choice between private and public plans.

The debate continues and we’ll update this as more is made of the Medicare-for-All debate.

It’s important that Democrats on the debate stage are fighting against the notion of Medicare-for-All as a universal healthcare plan. It says they’re listening and that Sanders and Warren have a harder hill to climb than before the debate.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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