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As activist journalism becomes the norm, conservative voices must rise



As activist journalism becomes the norm conservative voices must rise

We have entered a new era of activist journalism. It’s not that activism through the printed and spoken word are new. This era is an unmasking that has deteriorated the need for subterfuge and subtle nuances to make a journalist’s or publications point and replaced them with unabashed bias.

In the good ol’ days of just a few years ago, those reporting the news were forced to express their biases by presenting information with nuanced tilt that affected the readers and viewers subconsciously. They would “report” the news but do it in a way that feigned lack of bias by inserting it cautiously, strategically.

Very quickly, we’re seeing the need to use the old school tactics fading. Now, they just express their bias and move on.

The lines between news reporting and commentary have been blurred. So much more gets blatantly editorialized in the news than it was before the 2016 political campaigns, which seem to have been the turning point for journalists. Any illusion of an unbiased press were wiped away during campaign coverage.

Then, Donald Trump won the presidency. That shattered all remain pretense. As a result, the news is clearly biased. No need for subterfuge.

We saw this coming, which is why we made NOQ Report in the first place. The prevalence of leftist media needs more voices to counter them. This is why it is so important that our readers support us with donations. We will not be able to survive and thrive without help.

Conservatives have the winning message if it’s allowed to be shared to the masses. On most topics, the conservative perspective easily makes much more sense. On other topics, there’s a need to expound on the topic in order to drive it home to the American people, but even then it can be done with enough effort.

The problem is the majority of what Americans are spoon fed by mainstream media and leftist news outlets contradicts the right perspective. It’s no wonder so-called “Democratic Socialism” is on the rise in the minds of many Americans, especially young people. The concept is continuously propagandized to the masses.

Children, teens, and young adults are being indoctrinated by a leftist education system before being passed off to the media to continue the brainwashing. There has never been a time when relevant conservative voices were more necessary than they are today. It’s only going to get worse unless news outlets like NOQ Report can be driven to succeed.

The right messages need to get out there, but in a sea of wrong messages it can be challenging. It’s up to patriots to step up and make our voices heard. If we fail, the tides will turn in government as more leftists win office. The time to act is now.


Arizona Republic endorses Democrat (again) because the Republican was mean (again)



Arizona Republic endorses Democrat again because the Republican was mean again

Mainstream media, or should we say “meanstream media,” has been in the process of lurching to the left for a while. Even Fox News, while backing the President, often rails against conservatives while embracing moderate Republicans who practice Democratic orthodoxy. That’s not everyone at Fox News, but some prominent show hosts really love to align in the center.

The Arizona Republic, which was counted on for a while to lean right during elections, made a shift in 2016 by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Now, they’re going to the left of Clinton by endorsing far-left Democratic Socialist Kyrsten Sinema. Her 9% Liberty Score makes her by far the biggest leftist in the state. Now the Arizona Republic wants her to be their next Senator.

It isn’t just her voting record. Her ideas are extremely dangerous for America and particularly a southern border state like Arizona:

Kyrsten Sinema’s dangerous ideas do not belong in the Senate’s a very distinct difference between defense of personal freedoms, a conservative staple, and desiring no repercussions for people who intend to kill Americans. As with many far-left activists, they don’t care about the lives of others if they don’t agree wholeheartedly with their worldviews.

This wasn’t the only statement getting Sinema into hot water with voters.

The paper’s endorsement of Clinton in 2016 can be chalked up to the Trump effect that hit many conservatives in their funny bone. It should be noted that I didn’t endorse nor vote for Trump, but I definitely didn’t endorse or vote for Clinton. My write in vote wasn’t even running. Oh, if only Thomas Sowell had stepped away from academia to lead the country for eight years, but I digress.

When the paper goes for two leftists in a row, we can call it a trend. With Sinema in particular, there needed to be a tremendous excuse that allowed the editorial board to abandon any sense of conservatism and embrace the far-left socialist values she has espoused her entire adult life.

Nope. Their excuse is as weak as anyone could possibly imagine:

Arizona newspaper backs Democrat in dead heat Senate race than pointing to particular policy positions in the endorsement, the editorial board pointed to how the candidates have handled themselves during the race.

“We need to get back to a saner time, when senators didn’t call each other names — or if they did, they could put it all aside after the vote and go get a beer together,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. “There is too much ‘us and them’ in D.C., and it hurts how we are governed.”

“The real Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema know that,” the board argued. “But Sinema is the only one willing to say it (repeatedly) from behind her mask.”

The editorial board argued that McSally has gone further than Sinema in attacks on her opponent.

The paper tries to justify their decision by claiming McSally is center-right (which she is) and Sinema is center-left (which she is not). One needs only to look at her 9% Liberty Score to realize she’s the most radical representative in Arizona. It’s not even close.

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Thomas Sowell nails the fact versus feelings problem



Thomas Sowell nails the fact versus feelings problem

There are many reasons why Thomas Sowell is my favorite conservative thinker. This ideas resonate so clearly with the right mindset. His arguments are practically irrefutable.

This particular quote from whoever runs his Twitter account rings so true today. Mainstream media’s programming has affected both the left and the right, but this component of their onslaught on leftist sensibilities is arguably the biggest problem with the progressive movement today.

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Hilarious video: Bombshell, the beginning of the end, walls closing in, the tipping point



Hilarious video Bombshell the beginning of the end walls closing in the tipping point

Most leftists remember it like a previous generation remembers when they heard JFK was killed. It was the moment they realized Donald Trump would become President of the United States. Since then, mainstream media has been incessant in their proclamations that his days are numbered.

Perhaps it’s comforting to them to continuously hear about how the latest bombshell means it’s the beginning of the end because the walls are closing in on a presidency that has reached a tipping point. Or something.

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