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Democrats, media confused by word “supplemental”



Democrats media confused by word supplemental

The FBI report is in, and there is nothing new. What a shock, am I right? Not according to the major players. Whether it be Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, or even the Democrats if they are honest, the necessity of the investigation was well overplayed. But alas, McConnell needed to secure the votes, a task he is uncharacteristically impressive at. So a supplemental investigation was authorized by the Whitehouse. Despite getting what they said they wanted, Democrats who were already opposed to Kavanaugh complain that this wasn’t a real investigation. Dr. Ford’s lawyer took to twitter and the media to complain about the ordeal.

So lets break down this statement. First, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh already testified under oath. So what is the point of a second interview. Is it their hope that enough interviews will cause Kavanaugh to confess? Surely they aren’t so irrational as to think that this scenario would happen. Furthermore, Ford’s case would likely falter in a second statement. Her case is weak, and a second interview would merely be a Hail Mary attempt to ensnare Kavanaugh even further.

Second, there are no witnesses who corroborate her story. The FBI cannot interview people who do not exist. So let Ford’s lawyer drag out the Easter Bunny, and let the FBI investigate potential witnesses. Thirdly, she stands to financially and politically gain by bringing forth these accusations. To date people have given her over $777000. And this is before these same people buy her ghostwritten book sure to come out before the 2020 election. As far as her political career is concerned, she is easily a candidate for speaking at the DNC and has name recognition to mount a serious campaign should she decide to run in the leftist playground of California.

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer both criticized the process in their press conference.

These Senators already had their minds predetermined and aren’t really interested in further investigation, unless of course there were enough investigations and one crooked one crafted evidence implicating Kavanaugh. But McConnell isn’t trying to win them, he’s trying to win over the progressives that can be negotiated with. Cocaine Mitch isn’t messing around.

For the Diction Confused

Merriam Webster defines supplement as “something that completes or makes an addition.” By definition, the FBI investigation was an addition to the Senate investigation. Therefore neither Ford nor Kavanaugh needed to be interviewed again. They already told their sides so the investigation need not repeat the entire process that the Senate Judiciary Committee underwent. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a supplemental investigation. It would be an actual investigation. Alas, the Senate Judiciary Committee performed the actual investigation and found nothing. The purpose of the supplemental investigation is to provide evidence that would contradict or elaborate upon the findings of the primary investigation. The FBI did its job and the Democrats are butthurt that the results didn’t say what they wanted.