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What Kavanaugh’s confirmation means for midterms



What Kavanaughs confirmation means for midterms

The FBI report is in. There may be more accusations, character witnesses, or other developments that pop up, but at this point anything that is likely able to sway Senators is out in the open. Now all that’s left is posturing for the handful of “undecided” Senators and building the election narratives.

It’s important to understand there are three sides regarding Kavanaugh. There are the obvious pro- and anti-Kavanaugh camps. The third camp is what we’ll call the what’s-in-it-for-me group. These are the six or seven Senators who will cast their vote based on which choice will help them the most and/or hurt them the least.

So what does this mean for America? We’re going to get bombarded with ads, emails, mailers, robocalls, and commentaries that will all be influenced by the outcome of the Kavanaugh confirmation. There are obviously two possible outcomes here, but for the sake of time I’ll focus on the likely scenario that he’s confirmed. If he gets blocked, I’ll put out a new post with the shifted dynamic in mind.

Here’s how it plays out from now until election day.

Democrats outraged

The lion’s share of their focus will be on women. They want to drive home the narrative that Republicans just put a sexual predator on the Supreme Court who will take away their reproductive rights and embolden the patriarchy in Washington DC. They’ll invoke President Trump’s treatment of women and paint the Republican Party as a whole as an evil entity that will do whatever it takes to keep women down.

You won’t see Bill Clinton anywhere near the campaign trail and Hillary’s presence will be limited and controlled.

The subtext will focus completely on Trump, Kavanaugh, and how the Republican candidate in the voters’ district would empower them further.

Republicans moving forward

Economy, economy, economy… sort of. Prosperity is a powerful driving force and conventional wisdom says people vote based on their bank accounts, but that’s not entirely accurate. People vote during presidential elections based on their bank accounts, but midterms are normally a referendum for or against the current president and the ruling party’s agenda.

Unfortunately for Republicans, the first midterm usually becomes a referendum against the president as opposing voters have more incentive to get off their couches and hit the polls.

They have a big hill to climb. Getting their voters riled up enough to take action is harder for them than for outraged Democrats. Their best hope is to get right-leaning independent voters excited about their candidates. To do this, they’ll need to scare them and Kavanaugh is the key.

This process has been a boost for outraged Democrats, but it has also given the GOP a narrative that drove them to victories in 2010, 2014, and 2016: fear of the crazy leftists. They need to position Democrats as unhinged and willing to do anything to gain power. They then need to drive home a warning of what could happen if they’re allowed to have that power.

Then and only then can they get back to their underlying narrative of pushing the prosperity they’ve brought to the next level. The message should be that what they’re doing is working so America cannot let the Democrats derail progress the way they nearly derailed a Supreme Court nomination.

The rest of us shaking our heads

As a conservative who is not a Republican, I have the enviable perspective of pure discontent. I can acknowledge the progress Republicans have made while still knowing they’ve done so at the cost of our future. Insane budgets and increased spending have made the nation more fiscally vulnerable even though current economic indicators are strong. The GOP has pulled a classic Democrat move by selling out or future for temporary prosperity.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are terrifying with their crazy lurch to the left. They’re completely unacceptable.

That leaves people like me in the same position we’ve been in for decades: picking between the lesser of two evils. It’s like choosing a slow death by poison trickled into the bloodstream versus instant and painful death by explosion. Do we drink the poison or swallow the grenade?

It’s unfortunate the Democrats made this election as ugly as they have. When we should be focused as a nation on expanding prosperity, they’ve chosen to distract us with confirmation parlor tricks.

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Cory Booker in the aggregate: Propagating the ’mass shooting every day’ deception




Cory Booker In the aggregate Propagating the mass shooting every day deception

Witness the formation of a false talking point by continual repetition.

Presidential candidate Cory Booker et al. has repeated the same line of ‘a mass shooting every day, in the aggregate’ for the past few weeks in various town halls and interviews. Like most Leftist talking points, this absurd assertion has been carefully constructed to foment a pithy little saying unmoored from reality. The fact is, the Liberty grabber Left exploites every mass shooting to maximum effect, to the point that they have begun to regularly use ‘anniversaries’ of these tragedies to push for more controls over our freedom.  Even in this case, it has it’s own escape clause of ‘in the aggregate’ if anyone is ever called on this deception..

Just for reference, this is the Oxford English dictionary entry for the phrase ‘in (the) aggregate’

In total; as a whole.

Again, even here reality isn’t too kind to the Left. The fact is, there hasn’t been a ‘mass shootings in the aggregate every day.’ Or ‘mass shootings In total every day.’ As in this video at the 5:10 mark.

This is as yet another case where the Left doesn’t care about the truth of the matter, only the setting of a certain perception in the public consciousness. It doesn’t matter that each and every mass shooting is exploited from beginning to end. Or that even the hint of one taking place will see news bulletins instantly going out over the wire.

That plain fact doesn’t stop Leftists from trying to promulgate the false perception of gun violence being an overwhelming ‘epidemic’ that demands the immediate implementation of drastic measures.

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

Despite the admonitions from infamous Leftists Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Lenin, repeating a lie doesn’t make it the truth, but it is part and parcel for Leftists to traffic in lies. The fact is, mass shootings are rare, no matter what kind of creativity in defining these distinctive events to include just about anything imaginable.

The plain fact is that Leftists need ‘serious crisis’ in order to ratchet down our Liberty. When reality fails to meet their needs, they just make up their own ‘in the aggregate’. Never mind that there aren’t mass shootings every day, the national socialist Left would like that to be the perception so they can push their gun confiscation agenda. They push the ‘gun violence is a unique problem in the states’ even though other nations are far more violent, but as they drift further and further into insanity their grip on reality has become that much more tenuous.

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Bill de Blasio campaign launch sputters. Even his YouTube channel has under 100 subscribers.



It’s been about 24 hours since New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched his presidential campaign, and it’s off to a strange start. First, the excitement level has been hovering somewhere south of none. Then, he was clowned in his own city by Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel joined in on the bashing.

The morning after his launch is treating the Democrat any kinder. He’s waking up to headlines like “De Blasio unites America — against his presidential bid” and “Doesn’t anyone like Bill de Blasio?

But arguably the most embarrassing indictment of how poorly his campaign is being received is on his own YouTube channel. As of the time of this article, a full day after he announced, he’s been able to accumulate 87 subscribers.

President Trump has been giving him plenty of attention, but perhaps it’s time to stop. Bill de Blasio is not going to be a contender for the Democratic nomination. Even 76% of people in his own city don’t want him to be President.

Bill de Blasio Campaign

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Missed signals can lead to tragedy!



Missed signals can lead to tragedy!

Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a U.S. Army psychiatrist who gave PowerPoint presentations opposing American war efforts in Middle East. On November 5, 2009 he went on a shooting rampage of his fellow soldiers killing 13 adults and one pre-born baby at Fort Hood, Texas.

Warning signs had been ignored.

Edward Snowden was a contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency at the tunnel in Hawaii. As an I.T. specialist, he tricked high-level superiors into revealing their passwords. He then stole national secrets and fled the country with them. If an NCIC warrant had been timely obtained, or if U.S. Customs and Border Protection had been alerted immediately, he would have been intercepted on a constitutional warrantless outbound border search at Honolulu International Airport.

Warning signs had been ignored.

Bradley Manning was a U.S. Army soldier convicted of violating the Espionage Act by revealing classified information to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Manning’s “lawyers discussed a psychological assessment report that describes him as having ‘regressed stages of development’ and ‘narcissistic personality traits.'”

Warning signs had been ignored.

Major Tulsi Gabbard is a Commissioned Officer in Hawaii National Guard. She is simultaneously U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She is now running for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.

Concerns have previously been articulated concerning a possible violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Tulsi's YouTube screenshot

She has released two videos this week accusing President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton of provoking a war against Iran. She has also condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

“Trump ~ eager for war with Iran”

“The US must NOT go to war with Iran”

Over a month ago she released two videos regarding Julian Assange.

“Wikileaks/Assange. Be quiet or else.”

“Assange Arrest: Toe the Line or Go to Jail.”

Major Gabbard apparently does not understand why the United States government classifies sensitive information and controls who may or may not release it. If she is called to active duty in Hawaii National Guard and sent to fight Iran, can you depend upon her loyalty?

General Logan's contact info

Hawaii Adjutant General Arthur “Joe” Logan wears multiple hats. He was appointed by Hawaii Governor David Ige to serve as Hawaii Homeland Security Advisor with responsibility for Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. He is also in charge of Hawaii National Guard.

Major Tulsi Gabbard is under his Command. The onus is upon Maj Gen Logan to hold her accountable under UCMJ. It is also incumbent upon Governor Ige to ensure that this issue is addressed by her chain-of-command.

Warning signs were ignored with Major Hasan.

Warning signs were ignored with Edward Snowden.

Warning signs were ignored with Bradley Manning.

Warning signs with Major Gabbard must NOT be ignored.

Khamenei threat

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