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What Kavanaugh’s confirmation means for midterms



What Kavanaughs confirmation means for midterms

The FBI report is in. There may be more accusations, character witnesses, or other developments that pop up, but at this point anything that is likely able to sway Senators is out in the open. Now all that’s left is posturing for the handful of “undecided” Senators and building the election narratives.

It’s important to understand there are three sides regarding Kavanaugh. There are the obvious pro- and anti-Kavanaugh camps. The third camp is what we’ll call the what’s-in-it-for-me group. These are the six or seven Senators who will cast their vote based on which choice will help them the most and/or hurt them the least.

So what does this mean for America? We’re going to get bombarded with ads, emails, mailers, robocalls, and commentaries that will all be influenced by the outcome of the Kavanaugh confirmation. There are obviously two possible outcomes here, but for the sake of time I’ll focus on the likely scenario that he’s confirmed. If he gets blocked, I’ll put out a new post with the shifted dynamic in mind.

Here’s how it plays out from now until election day.

Democrats outraged

The lion’s share of their focus will be on women. They want to drive home the narrative that Republicans just put a sexual predator on the Supreme Court who will take away their reproductive rights and embolden the patriarchy in Washington DC. They’ll invoke President Trump’s treatment of women and paint the Republican Party as a whole as an evil entity that will do whatever it takes to keep women down.

You won’t see Bill Clinton anywhere near the campaign trail and Hillary’s presence will be limited and controlled.

The subtext will focus completely on Trump, Kavanaugh, and how the Republican candidate in the voters’ district would empower them further.

Republicans moving forward

Economy, economy, economy… sort of. Prosperity is a powerful driving force and conventional wisdom says people vote based on their bank accounts, but that’s not entirely accurate. People vote during presidential elections based on their bank accounts, but midterms are normally a referendum for or against the current president and the ruling party’s agenda.

Unfortunately for Republicans, the first midterm usually becomes a referendum against the president as opposing voters have more incentive to get off their couches and hit the polls.

They have a big hill to climb. Getting their voters riled up enough to take action is harder for them than for outraged Democrats. Their best hope is to get right-leaning independent voters excited about their candidates. To do this, they’ll need to scare them and Kavanaugh is the key.

This process has been a boost for outraged Democrats, but it has also given the GOP a narrative that drove them to victories in 2010, 2014, and 2016: fear of the crazy leftists. They need to position Democrats as unhinged and willing to do anything to gain power. They then need to drive home a warning of what could happen if they’re allowed to have that power.

Then and only then can they get back to their underlying narrative of pushing the prosperity they’ve brought to the next level. The message should be that what they’re doing is working so America cannot let the Democrats derail progress the way they nearly derailed a Supreme Court nomination.

The rest of us shaking our heads

As a conservative who is not a Republican, I have the enviable perspective of pure discontent. I can acknowledge the progress Republicans have made while still knowing they’ve done so at the cost of our future. Insane budgets and increased spending have made the nation more fiscally vulnerable even though current economic indicators are strong. The GOP has pulled a classic Democrat move by selling out or future for temporary prosperity.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are terrifying with their crazy lurch to the left. They’re completely unacceptable.

That leaves people like me in the same position we’ve been in for decades: picking between the lesser of two evils. It’s like choosing a slow death by poison trickled into the bloodstream versus instant and painful death by explosion. Do we drink the poison or swallow the grenade?

It’s unfortunate the Democrats made this election as ugly as they have. When we should be focused as a nation on expanding prosperity, they’ve chosen to distract us with confirmation parlor tricks.


Arizona Republic endorses Democrat (again) because the Republican was mean (again)



Arizona Republic endorses Democrat again because the Republican was mean again

Mainstream media, or should we say “meanstream media,” has been in the process of lurching to the left for a while. Even Fox News, while backing the President, often rails against conservatives while embracing moderate Republicans who practice Democratic orthodoxy. That’s not everyone at Fox News, but some prominent show hosts really love to align in the center.

The Arizona Republic, which was counted on for a while to lean right during elections, made a shift in 2016 by endorsing Hillary Clinton. Now, they’re going to the left of Clinton by endorsing far-left Democratic Socialist Kyrsten Sinema. Her 9% Liberty Score makes her by far the biggest leftist in the state. Now the Arizona Republic wants her to be their next Senator.

It isn’t just her voting record. Her ideas are extremely dangerous for America and particularly a southern border state like Arizona:

Kyrsten Sinema’s dangerous ideas do not belong in the Senate’s a very distinct difference between defense of personal freedoms, a conservative staple, and desiring no repercussions for people who intend to kill Americans. As with many far-left activists, they don’t care about the lives of others if they don’t agree wholeheartedly with their worldviews.

This wasn’t the only statement getting Sinema into hot water with voters.

The paper’s endorsement of Clinton in 2016 can be chalked up to the Trump effect that hit many conservatives in their funny bone. It should be noted that I didn’t endorse nor vote for Trump, but I definitely didn’t endorse or vote for Clinton. My write in vote wasn’t even running. Oh, if only Thomas Sowell had stepped away from academia to lead the country for eight years, but I digress.

When the paper goes for two leftists in a row, we can call it a trend. With Sinema in particular, there needed to be a tremendous excuse that allowed the editorial board to abandon any sense of conservatism and embrace the far-left socialist values she has espoused her entire adult life.

Nope. Their excuse is as weak as anyone could possibly imagine:

Arizona newspaper backs Democrat in dead heat Senate race than pointing to particular policy positions in the endorsement, the editorial board pointed to how the candidates have handled themselves during the race.

“We need to get back to a saner time, when senators didn’t call each other names — or if they did, they could put it all aside after the vote and go get a beer together,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. “There is too much ‘us and them’ in D.C., and it hurts how we are governed.”

“The real Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema know that,” the board argued. “But Sinema is the only one willing to say it (repeatedly) from behind her mask.”

The editorial board argued that McSally has gone further than Sinema in attacks on her opponent.

The paper tries to justify their decision by claiming McSally is center-right (which she is) and Sinema is center-left (which she is not). One needs only to look at her 9% Liberty Score to realize she’s the most radical representative in Arizona. It’s not even close.

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Trump’s entire agenda is at stake with these midterm elections



Trumps entire agenda is at stake with these midterm elections

It has always been a paradox to me why there’s such an enthusiasm gap between presidential elections and midterm elections. The sitting President’s party invariably loses steam for the election immediately following a White House victory. It’s as if there’s zero civic understanding in America today.

Without majorities in both the House and Senate, a President’s agenda is completely hamstrung. We saw it with President Obama who had to turn to executive orders once Republicans took over the House. Executive orders are temporary actions that are so easily reversed, they’re essentially just campaign tools of wishful thinking for a future president and congressional majorities. They’re placeholders. If Hillary Clinton and Democrats in the House and Senate had won their 2016 races, then legislation could have solidified President Obama’s many executive orders.

Instead, most of the important ones are thankfully being reversed.

Any American who supports President Trump’s agenda should do everything within their power to help Republicans retain control of the House and Senate. In fact, they should be pushing for increases in the majorities, as we learned with Obamacare and the wall that it takes more than a slim majority to make certain things happen.

The midterms are important.

The midterms are important.

The midterms are important!

Democrats are fighting with everything they have in the tank to take away the majorities. They don’t want continued economic success to hurt their chances in 2020, so they desperately want control of the House. They don’t want more Constitutional originalist judges pushed through to the various benches around the country, especially the Supreme Court, so they want control of the Senate.

President Trump could realistically nominate two more Supreme Court Justices before the 2020 election. Without a clear majority in the Senate, there is zero chance he’ll get any other originalists through.

The Senate appears to be relatively safe, but the House majority is in real trouble. It’s imperative that Republicans and Independents do everything in their power to make Democrats lose seats in the House. It would be catastrophic to the President’s agenda if Republicans can’t retain control.

Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House if the Republicans lose. That would make her the third most powerful person in Washington DC.

If Democrats win the House, there will be no wall. Obamacare will not be repealed and replaced. The economy will slow. President Trump’s agenda will be replaced by more caravans and leftist legislation. Yes, the midterms are important.

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Democrats own the caravan and every tragedy that comes from it



Democrats own the caravan and every tragedy that comes from it

The mass of humanity trekking towards our southern border is 100% the fault of the Democratic Party. It’s not just a handful of politicians or political activists who are causing this event and all tragedies that come as a result. Every leftist politician as well as anyone who voted for them is to blame.

This is not going to end well. Some will simply not be able to walk the entire 3000+ miles. Reports have already shown people getting carried or left behind after collapsing. There is no telling what is currently happening to women and children in the caravan; mainstream media conveniently only shows footage of happy faces. The physical and psychological effects of such a journey are harsh, but one can easily argue that the situation they were leaving was even harsher.

When they make it to the border, there will be a clash of some sort. Remember, these people who want to claim asylum are bypassing thousands of miles of safety in Mexico to get to the United States, so they will not be deterred easily. If border patrol, local police, or even the military attempt to stop them from illegally entering our country, there will be violence.

Assuming some or even most make it into the United States, the potential for more tragedies escalates. Kate Steinle. Ronald Da Silva. Sarah Root. Drew Rosenberg. Mollie Tibbetts. All of these tragic deaths could have been avoided if criminal illegal immigrants, including those from Honduras, could have been kept out of the country.

The caravans have swollen to over 5,000 people. If only 1% are dangerous (and it’s almost certainly a higher percentage than that), then that’s 50 additional criminal illegal immigrants poised to bring more tragedy to American citizens.

This is all on the Democrats. Here are three reasons why:

Invitational propaganda

Everything coming from the Democratic camps across the nation that is getting filtered to their proxies in Central America is a veiled invitation. That veil is lifting lately. Now it is blatant.

The message: “We will accept illegal immigrants and we will protect you from the Republicans.”

This isn’t just a play for votes from Hispanic citizens. This is a future play. The Democrats have known for decades if they’re able to help enough illegal immigrants enter the country and stay here, they will give birth to more Democrats. That’s not a conspiracy theory. This is well understood in quiet Democratic circles. It’s a generational play for power.

“Si se pudo!”

These words can be heard in chants across the caravan. It literally means “yes we could” and is eerily similar to the chants of “yes we can” heard at President Barack Obama’s rallies. This is not a coincidence.

Obama and the Democrats have been beacons of hope for illegal immigrants for over a decade. Adopting his chant as the symbol of their own plight should tell us all where they’re getting their inspiration.

Blocking the wall

If the border wall had been fully funded and in the process of being built, this caravan would never have formed. The Democrats aren’t the only ones to blame for this, of course, as Republicans have failed to use their majorities in the House and Senate to push through enough funding for the rapid building of the wall. Nevertheless, it’s the Democrats who have pushed back the hardest.

If even a few of them had accepted the wall and embraced the protections it gives to every American citizen, we wouldn’t be talking about the caravan today.

With election day two weeks away and early voting already started in most places, the caravan should act as a rallying cry for Republicans and Independents to keep as many Democrats as possible out of office.

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