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Why I trust the FBI as they investigate Kavanaugh even if Democrats do not



Why I trust the FBI as they investigate Kavanaugh even if Democrats do not

Leftists, Democrats, and mainstream media have to put on their anti-FBI makeup for the time being. When the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations yield no actionable fruit for the Senate or Justice Department, they law enforcement agency will be hit hard by Democrats as being pawns held back by the White House.

Their investigation will almost certainly result in a very thin report. Democrats will blame time constraints and a limited scope set by the White House as reasons for this. They won’t acknowledge the reality that a 3-decade-old accusation without the benefit of date, location, or physical evidence can only come down to a series of interviews, all of which can be easily handled quickly by the FBI.

If it took longer than a week to reach all the people loosely involved with the case, I’d be crying foul.

But let’s momentarily set aside the irregularity of the case, one that no law enforcement agency in the nation would willingly investigate without direct prompting from a higher power. Let’s say there’s something the FBI is able to find. Would they? Absolutely.

This goes beyond doing their jobs. The high profile of this case has a nation holding its breath. The last thing any FBI agent wants to do is miss something, even the slightest detail. Their individual reputations and the reputation of the bureau itself is on the line because anything they miss will certainly be uncovered by one or more of the hundreds of journalists currently doing their own investigating.

Whatever the FBI misses, mainstream media will find. When they do, they’ll use it as evidence that the FBI is either incompetent or doing the bidding of the President.

If anyone should be skeptical of the FBI, it’s Republicans in general and President Trump in particular. Getting an investigation on any of the Clintons has been impossible, yet the Peter Strzoks of the bureau seem to be running an anti-Republican agenda from FBI headquarters. Democrats have it easy when it comes to the FBI.

Nevertheless, I have full confidence in the bureau on this issue. If you think the FBI will be going through the motions, then you don’t understand the pride of the men and women in America’s most prestigious law enforcement agency (Strzok aside). They’ll put forth their best efforts. If there’s a smoking gun or bombshell witness, the FBI will find them.

When all is said and done, the FBI will have a full understanding of “boofing.”

Democrats already KNOW Kavanaugh is guilty so they expect the FBI to pull a rabbit out of a beer can. When no rabbit appears, Democrats will blame the bureau and their “handlers” at the White House.