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How the solar system debunks the science that allegedly explains it



I don’t watch many movies or television shows. Don’t get me wrong – I used to love movies and TV shows. I was binging Lost and Battlestar Galactica before binging became a thing. Today, I spend my time watching videos on politics, science, and faith.

When the latter two come together in a nicely produced video, it’s as fun for me as the latest Netflix release is to many of you. I’m a Christian who believes in the majority of what scientists observe. I may disagree with many of their conclusions, but their observations are growing more accurate every day.

One of the biggest subjects of “evidence” secularists often point to as proof that their worldview is superior to a Christian’s is the solar system in which we live. The irony there is that the evidence points more acutely towards creation than the secular explanations, as this video demonstrates.

Enjoy and share!

Creation Astronomy

https://www.creationastronomy.comThe Bible says that God created the Universe. Secular astronomers claim that the cosmos was formed in a Big Bang event. The Bible 
is consistent with the Universe. Secular claims are not. The planets, stars, and galaxies in our Universe all defy secular origins models in multiple ways.