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Of course they shouldn’t release the Kavanaugh FBI report. It’s none of your business.



Of course they shouldnt release the Kavanaugh FBI report Its none of your business

Leftists like to play on two aspects of members of the Democratic Party: ignorance and emotion. That’s not a stab at Democrats alone as there is plenty of ignorance and emotion on both sides of the political aisle. The difference is how the parties weaponize these things to help them win elections. Today’s bout with ignorance and emotion comes in the form of Brett Kavanaugh’s FBI investigation.

Outrage is already building around the notion that Senator Chuck Grassley won’t release the FBI report. This is an easy target for Democrats in a society full of people who willfully give up their own privacy by posting every detail of their lives on social media. Democrats will fan the flames of those who squeal about coverups and #MeToo and gang rapists in the Supreme Court. They’re banking on the emotion to drive their narrative.

What’s worse is they’re also banking on the ignorance of their followers. Thanks to the dumpster fire they’ve turned this confirmation into, a good chunk of the American people believe they have the right to know everything about Judge Kavanaugh that reporters or the FBI can dig up. If you’re one of those people, please listen very carefully: It’s none of your business. You don’t get to vote on Supreme Court Justices. Your opinions on boofing, binge drinking, or Mark Judge do not come into play. You and I are pathetic bystanders in a process our founders designed specifically to keep as far from the American public as possible. If it weren’t for the abysmal 17th Amendment, there would be three degrees of separation between your vote and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Americans have been spoon fed an abomination that’s half reality TV, half soap opera. The sad part is voters on the left are being played like violins and has been from the start. Had Senator Dianne Feinstein done her duty and brought the initial accusations to the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee as soon as her office deemed them credible, there’s a decent chance Kavanaugh would have been investigated already. In fact, if the goal was to prevent Kavanaugh from getting to the Supreme Court, bringing the allegations up early could have led to the President withdrawing his nomination.

But stopping Kavanaugh’s confirmation was never the target for Feinstein or the Democrats. Their eyes have always been on the midterm elections. They manipulated the situation and ruined the lives of both Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford for the sake of political capital going into the election. This entire show has been staged to outrage the left and get out the vote.

Kavanaugh, Ford, and everyone associated with them do not need their lives dragged out into the public. Neither are candidates for office whose lives must be examined by prospective voters. Whatever the FBI investigation yields should be seen by Senators, the White House, and nobody else. It’s their call, not ours.

Just about everyone in Washington DC is self-serving, but this dumpster fire has demonstrated the Democrats are willing to burn anything and anyone down in order to regain power.